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Simon Ålander

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Agency Rush
11 Vine Street
Brighton, BN1 4AG
United Kingdom

illustration of Hand-lettered foodie designs for Studio Design App. Flavor typography graphic on photograph of cheese.
illustration of Black and white New York calligraphy graphic on skateboard.
illustration of Typography Design
illustration of Typography graphic on coffee machine, Workshop Coffee Co.
illustration of Gilette advertisement with calligraphy design on photograph.
illustration of Black and white colouring-in book.
illustration of Black and white calligraphy typography graphic.


Simon is a Swedish lettering artist living close to the water in Stockholm. He used to work with signage for a few years, and being around letterforms in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and materials is what started the fascination for typography, and especially lettering. Striking compositions with a lot of smart details and natural flow is what makes his designs stand out among others… and they're all hand-drawn of course! Letters aren’t the only special thing in Simon's life, even though it's a huge part. He also has a passion for specialty coffee, sneakers, dogs, cooking and especially eating food. Well, food is on his mind pretty much all the time!


Black & White, Calligraphy, Collage, Design, Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Photoillustration, Type Design


Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Product, Sports, Food/Beverage, Masculine, Edgy, Urban, Branding