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Zephyr scenario infographic

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Explanation infographic showing how the "Zephyr high altitude drone" operates in different scenarios

illustration of Sydney (Australia) City guide map - Tourist maps/ City guides. With places of interest. Overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/3d/vector
illustration of Shanghai City Guide map with place of interest illustration. Keywords: Maps/China/tourist map/ guide map
illustration of Bardstown map city guide map - Tourist map City guides. With places of interest. Overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/3d/vector
illustration of Overhead view of the Triathlon 
route map for the Rio Olympics 
games 2016
illustration of Alghero city guide map - Tourist map - City guides Tourist maps/ City guides. With places of interest. Overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/3d/vector
illustration of Exercises illustration guides - Gym fitness workout
illustration of Exercise Figures: Gym class exercises created in Adobe Illustrator using a sketch style. Exercises/woman/women/female/girl/graphic/instructional/Overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/vector/fitness/healthy/illustration
illustration of Male fitness exercise - Workout gym instruction

man/men/male/graphic/overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/3d/vector/step by/diagram/vector/fitness/healthy/illustration/exercises
illustration of Female fitness illustrations - Exercise workout
illustration of Exercise Figures: Gym class exercises created in Adobe Illustrator using a sketch style

Exercise woman/women/female/girl/graphic/Overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/3d/vector/step by/diagram
illustration of Infographic showing how staff operate at airport
illustration of Infographic showing staff operations at airport
illustration of Six illustration showing ways to get catchy music out of your head. clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/3d/vector/step by/diagram/grudge/illustration
illustration of Infographics showing how a self drive car could operate in a city environment with hazards - Diagram/technical/isometric/clear/3D/Overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/vector/diagram
illustration of Infographic/ 3D isometric map showing the  Battle of Mogadishu, the U.S. Special Forces mission to capture Mohamed Farrah Aidid in Somali

Infographics/Information/diagram/war/Overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/3d/vector/maps/diagram/isometric/Army/ USA
illustration of Berlin battle map graphic

Diagram/Information graphic/3D/Instructional/maps/war/history/guide/germany
illustration of History of War: World War 2 (WWII) feature map showing Russia's advance into Nazi Germany
illustration of World War Two(2) infographic on different types of mines used for naval warfare

illustration of History of War map infographic - Infographics/Information graphic/diagram/maps/overview/block/infographic
illustration of Isometric graphic with cutaway section showing a World War 2 bombing mission. Created in Adobe Illustrator for History of War

illustration of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Classic movie scene infographic

The Battle of Hoth was a confrontation between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Invasion of the Rebellion's Echo Base 

Graphic/overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/3d/vector/step by/diagram/starwars/
illustration of Classic Movie Scene graphic showing the famous dance from the film - Diagram/Information graphic/3D/Instructional/Infographics/film/3d/show
illustration of Classic Movie Scene graphic showing the comedy fight from the film - Diagram/Information graphic/3D/Instructional/Infographics
illustration of Starship Troopers Movie scene - Bug attack Diagram/Information graphic/3D/Instructional/Infographics
illustration of Classic Movie scene information graphic from the Harry Potter film showing the underwater rescue in the second task

illustration of Isometric environment Infographic to show Snake's new capabilities in the 2015 video game - Diagram/Information graphic/3D/Instructional
illustration of Step by step guide, cutaway sections and pilot injuries graphics. Attempted take over of a FedEx airplane during flight

illustration of Graphic of a supermarket showing use of app - Diagram/Information graphic/3D/Instructional
illustration of City graphic showing people using different social media - Isometric city infographic/Town overview/diagram
illustration of Detailed perspective 3D cutaway graphic showing a crime scene and the techniques used by forensic teams
illustration of Diagram/Information graphic/3D/Instructional/Infographics
illustration of Vector illustration/graphic/instructional/step by step/guide/cutaway/3d/smooth/render/infographic
illustration of Infographic on the next Mars mission. Graphic shows all aspects of the orbiter, instruments and journey to the red planet
illustration of History of the Universe infographic - Space diagram/information design
illustration of Perspective vector illustration/graphic of a kitchen scene of Project Soli in use
illustration of Football/Soccer passing training drill/circuit

Infographic/Step by step/graphic/instructional/sport/fitness/diagramwoman/overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/3d/vector/step by/diagram
illustration of Football/Soccer training drill/circuit Infographic/Step by step/graphic/instructional/how to
illustration of Waterski and wake boarding cable park. Infographic diagram showing skills and trick and layout of jumps in the waterpark
illustration of Some of the best Football/Soccer Goal Celebrations including Nani, Jones, Keane & Klose - Infographics/Step by step/graphic/instructional/vector
illustration of Overview of golf holes/course - Diagram/technical/isometric/clear/3D/infographic/how/plan/map
illustration of Flow diagram showing the process of producing different types of sugar

illustration of Isometric flow digram/infographic showing the stages of the production of a video game

illustration of Flight  infographic - diagram/information design/data
illustration of Supermarket perspective infographic - overhead view/building cutaway
illustration of 3d Floor plans - Cutaway building
illustration of Cell phone assembly graphic/illustration/guide/step by step/infographic/instructions/instructional/vector/keyline/clear
illustration of How to sharpen a knife graphic/illustration/guide/step by step/infographics/how to/instructions
illustration of Cooking Illustration - illustration/guide/step by step/infographics/how to/instructions
illustration of Puppet Instructions - Step by Step/infographic/keyline/vector/artwork/instructional//clear/by/3d
illustration of How to brush your teeth raphic/illustration/guide/step by step/infographics/how to/instructions
illustration of Guide map - Tourist guide maps
illustration of Torquay Guide Map - Tourist maps
illustration of Diagram/Information graphic/3D/Instructional/Infographics
illustration of Detailed Infographic illustration of the Alcatraz prison showing the escape of three prisoners. Keyline/overview/map/3d/diagram/show/clear/information/crime
illustration of World War 2 target map - History Maps - Graphic
illustration of HTC Iconic graphic - Clear/flat/vector/style/communication/simple
illustration of HTC Iconic graphic - Clear/flat/vector/style/communication/simple
illustration of HTC Iconic graphic - Clear/flat/vector/style/communication/simple
illustration of Brilliant idea Iconic graphic - Run up the management chain Clear/flat/vector/style/communication/simple/business/modern/infographic
illustration of Iconic graphic - Clear/flat/vector/style/communication/simple
illustration of Ink Myths - Charts, icon, infographics, information, graphic, flow, clear, flat, bold, diagram
illustration of Crude Oil Graph - overview/keyline/vector/infographic/diagram/graphic/data/chart/infomation
illustration of Guide to the hand shake for Men's Health - Guide/graphic/instruction/step by step
illustration of Icons/logos
illustration of Icon/logo vector artwork
illustration of Emerging Markets and developing economies - Charts, icon, infographics, information, graphic, flow, clear, flat, bold, diagram
illustration of Charts and data from farming
illustration of Infographic illustration pyramid showing Ancient Egypt social structure. information graphic/diagram/display/
illustration of Harry Winston Heist - Step by step guide, Infographics/Information/diagram/isometric/illustration
illustration of Pavgen Tile Graphic - Infographics/Information/diagram/how to/show/clear/cutaway
illustration of Ste-up of the prefect way to watch World Cup football/soccer game - Vector illustration/Keyline artwork/graphic
illustration of Infographic illustration detailing all missions to the moon
illustration of Infographic illustration showing the  nuclear waste underground storage vault. Key line/isometric/cutaway/industry
illustration of Olympic Ski Jump - Infographics/Information/diagram/stats/data/how to/show/clear/isometric/sports/winter/sport
illustration of Olympic diving infographic for the 2004 Athens gam- Infographics/Information/diagram/stats/data/how to/show/clear/isometric/sports
illustration of Golf illustration - Vector, Editorial, Information Graphics, keyline, sport
illustration of Isometric floor plan of the Triathlon show in the lee valley velodrome

illustration of Formula E Racing

illustration of Allianz risk analysis - Airport/safety/overview/aviation/map/keyline/vector/infographic/diagram/graphic/
illustration of Plane type comparison - Infographics/Information/diagram/show/clear/
illustration of Airplane cutaway of the Boeing Dreamliner. Infographics/diagram/isometric/clear
illustration of Carbon Storage cutaway graphic - overview/keyline/vector/infographic/diagram/graphic/3d/isometric
illustration of Gravity Movie Scene infographic. High speed debris strikes into the NASA space shuttle Explorer causing it to crash back down to earth

illustration of Historic navy graphic for World War Two (WWII) - Diagram/Information graphic/3D/Instructional/Infographics/history/map
illustration of Exercise Figures: Gym class exercises created in Adobe Illustrator

Exercise woman/women/female/girl/graphic/instructional/step by step/guide/Overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/3d/vector/vector/fitness/healthy/illustration
illustration of Swimming Illustrations - Exercises/graphic/illustration/vector/fitness/health/sports/swim/pool/technique
illustration of Exercise Figures: Gym class exercises created in Adobe Illustrator.

woman/women/female/girl/graphic/Overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/3d/vector/step by/diagram/vector/fitness/healthy/illustration
illustration of Exercise Figures - Workout gym set

woman/women/female/girl/graphic/Overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/vector/step by/diagram/fitness/healthy/illustration
illustration of Winter Training - Male/mens/man/exercises/graphic/illustration/vector/fitness/health/football/soccer/train/sports
illustration of Key line men's exercise workout

illustration of China Economy graphic -
illustration of Football/Soccer: How to pass a medical

Vector illustration/graphic/instructional/step by step/guide/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic//vector/step by/diagram
illustration of Key line technical/ instructional drawing of mobile phone/ instructions/diagram/keyline/infographic/clear/how to
illustration of Fun
illustration of London City Map - Tourist map/ City guides. With places of interest Overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/3d/vector
illustration of Detailed France Map with illustration - Country map.Tourist maps/ guides. With places of interest. Overview/clear/bold/flat/instruction/infographic/3d/vector/grudge/style
illustration of Saling route map created for GQ Magazine
illustration of Inception Graphic movie scene graphic - Diagram/Information graphic/3D/Instructional/Infographics/movie/film/action


Experienced infographic illustrator producing artwork for some of the world’s leading publishers. Specialising in information graphics, Infographics, vector illustration, maps, cutaways, technical, icons and charts


Design, Graphic, Line, Line with Color, Stylized, Technical, Film/Entertainment, Vector


Humor, Action, Architecture, Book Covers, Charts, Children's Books, Children's Products, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Fantasy, Food, Futuristic, Health, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Industrial, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Maps, Medical, Music, People, Product, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Sports, Technology, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Environmental, Financial, Grunge, Urban