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Chronicle of Higher Education

Hate Speech After Charlottesville

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Commissioned by art director Scott Seymour, this piece was used for an article about free speech issues facing colleges and universities after Charlottesville.

Mark Shaver
illustration of boy scouts, donald trump, controversy, political, partisan
illustration of Kremlin, Russian, National Security, Congress, Inquiry, Investigation
illustration of anthony scaramucci, Twitter, Tweetstorm, Crazy, Straightjacket, Fake News, Lies, White House
illustration of john mccain, mitch mcconnell, skinny repeal, congress, healthcare
illustration of donald trump, president, tweets, twitter, fake news, media, scaramucci
illustration of congress, attorney general, jeff sessions, investigation, russia, donald trump
illustration of LGBTQ, military, trump, bias, gender, gay rights, transgender
illustration of president, white house, sycophants, cabinet
illustration of ACA, health care, insurance, caduceus, medicine
illustration of attorney general, congress, department of justice, government
illustration of fbi, cia, special counsel, congress, government, trumpgate, collusion, scandal
illustration of putin, trump, collusion, scandal, russia, investigation
illustration of statue of liberty, government, democracy, donald trump
illustration of attorney general, fbi, cia, congress, impeachment, investigation, recusal, russia
illustration of white house, press, media, presidency, donald trump
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illustration of white house, media, donald trump, press secretary
illustration of donald trump, general kelly, white house chief of staff
illustration of robert mueller, special counsel, russia investigation, fbi, cia
illustration of sarah huckabee sanders, white house, press secretary, media
illustration of north korea, war, conflict, tension
illustration of donald trump, leaks, jeff sessions, attorney general, national security, president
illustration of wall street, bankers, lobbying, corruption
illustration of GOP, republicans, voters, trump, trump base
illustration of manafort, mueller, fbi, cia, raid, investigation, special counsel
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illustration of alt right, neo nazis, white supremacists
illustration of donald trump, klu klux klan, neo nazis, white supremacists, charlottesville
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illustration of Conceptual, Design, Digital, Photoillustration, Realism, Editorial, Political, Posters, Web Illustration, Edgy
illustration of Conceptual, Design, Digital, Photoillustration, Realism, Editorial, Political, Posters, Web Illustration, Edgy
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illustration of mike pence, evangelical right, football, vice president
illustration of trump, presidency, tweets, fake news, media
illustration of social media, facebook, twitter, youtube, election, russia, hacking


Collage, Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Line with Color, Montage, Photoillustration, Realism, Stylized, Digital Sculpture, Pop-Up


Editorial, Medical, Political, Portrait, Posters, Web Illustration, Spiritual, Edgy