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Kolby Wade

Electronic Romanticism

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Artist Name Kolby Wade is a New York City based music producer and recording artist with a unique style that unites live drums with vintage keyboards and electronic beats. He is the rhythmic counterpart to the production duo Will Phåråoh from Sing Engine Records. His other collaborations have included Brooklyn based bands Ladycop, Freak Owls, and Tulsa music producer Mark Kuykendall of The New Honey Shade.


Kimberley Wiseman

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Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words
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 The illustration was to take inspiration from pop art food paintings such as Wayne Thiebaud

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They call it Stormy Monday but Tuesdays just as bad..T Bone Walker

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illustration of an idealized view of Hoboken New jersey which is just across the hudson river from New York City 
which you can see in the fading evening light
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illustration of Girl on a Bench pen and ink and watercolor on paper.  Panoramic 

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illustration of New album cover for Kolby Wade. Kolby Wade is a New York City based music producer and recording artist with a unique style that unites live drums with vintage keyboards and electronic beats. He is the rhythmic counterpart to the production duo Will Phåråoh from Sing Engine Records. His other collaborations have included Brooklyn based bands - Ladycop, Freak Owls - and Tulsa music producer Mark Kuykendall of The New Honey Shade
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1986 letter written by Coretta Scott King
in response to the Jeff Sessions federal judgeship nomination.
Copyright: 2017
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idealized view of the bar at the Baccarat Hotel in NYC, from a series about bars and urban life, pen and ink and water color on paper.
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image from a series of images about urban life in bars this is a view or the bar at Cork Buzz in NYC above the mirrors over the bar reflect blurred dark images of people at tables
illustration of Illustration from a series about bars and restaurants

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Famed Gotham Bar and Grill in NYC. From a series about bars and urban life, watercolor and pen and ink on paper
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From a series about bars and urban life, this is a wall in the bar of McGuire's, people staple dollar bills to the wall and the ceiling of the bar.  The bar is covered with dollar bills and other trinkets that people give to the bar
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I am a freelance illustrator and artist. I am drawn to subject matter which is unconventional, quirky and amusing. My work is personal and often intersected with broader social concerns. I am fascinated with history and popular culture and I am drawn to broad expressive and eclectic color. Quite often I interweave friends, personal symbols and significant places into my pieces.


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