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This illustration promoted a new advance in internal software for Terros Health employees. They were all meant to feel super with the help of a new technology.

Rick Forgus
illustration of A poster submission for the London mass transit program.
illustration of This illustration was used internally by Terros Health to promote a new software for employees. The image was used on t-shirts and print material.
illustration of A poster I illustrated to promote upcoming shows nationally and internationally.
illustration of Cover for a technical magazine for an article on project management. The main article focuses on the  implementation of varying technological disciplines increasing in the business world.
illustration of A proposed illustration for a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories.
illustration of A book cover for an anthology of murder mysteries. The cat is the logo for the publisher.
illustration of Promotional poster for pop culture convention with author David Abalone
illustration of A portrait of book cover designer Chip Kidd.
illustration of Supergraphic poster for the inaugural launch of Hasbro Toys HASCON toy festival.
illustration of Promotional piece for Powerade
illustration of A promotional poster I illustrated of Jessica Walsh and Stefan Sagmeister.
illustration of The 2nd illustration in a series of posters I am illustrating for the September Cookie Con and Sweets Show.
illustration of Editorial illustration for Green Living Magazine on sustainable farming and soil preservation.
illustration of The first in a series of posters for the San Diego Cookiecon
illustration of Program cover for Arizona Diamondbacks MLB.
illustration of An illustration for a fictional story of a couple meeting for the first time using online dating.
illustration of An image I created as a pitch to the Black Rifle Coffee Company.  This is an organization owned and run by veterans.
illustration of A proposed poster for the relaunch of the new GI Joe team.
illustration of Poster to promote the Los Angeles sweets con with special guest, Burt Ward.
illustration of A sci-fi rendition of the traditional Day of the Dead catrin with rooster and robot's head.
illustration of Be faster with better training gear
illustration of Poster for sale
illustration of Event poster for LA CookieCon.
illustration of A strong image of the historic image of a high steel worker.
illustration of Water safety around the home begins in the bathtub.
illustration of A reminder to be cautious around open canals and water safety.
illustration of Summer holidays make for a great day of boating and swimming at the nearby lake.
illustration of Enjoying a fun swim in the pool with mom keeping a watchful eye.
illustration of Jobs are a subject of national concern with the rising unemployment figures and falling work participation rate.
illustration of A strong illustration representing the tensions between the United States and Mexico over the proposed construction of a border wall.
illustration of Figurative, Vector, Action, Adventure, Comic Book, Futuristic, Posters, Sci-Fi, Feminine
illustration of Manipulating energy
illustration of Superhero
illustration of Vector, Action, Adventure, Comic Book, Posters, Product, Sci-Fi, Feminine
illustration of Psychic superhero power
illustration of Telekinesis ability
illustration of Illustration for The Strand Magazine
illustration of Illustration to promote The Strand Magazine and online presence.
illustration of A vintage illustration of a newspaper reporter hard at work on his typewriter while close behind looms the ever present danger of a deadline.
illustration of London's greatest detective and sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, armed with his magnifying glass to promote The Strand Magazine
illustration of Peeking through the venetian blinds, this young lady sets her sights on a view of...who knows what? Illustration for The Strand magazine
illustration of Illustrating the synergy of the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy band with this poster that includes every member of the band.
illustration of Pinup of Bettie Page for magazine article as she dons her signature lingerie and burlesque pose complete with 1950s background and palette.
illustration of An advertisement for Bachelor Pad magazine showing the stylish bra wearing young lady fresh from the tattoo parlor and drinking a double gin martini.  Cheers.
illustration of The stylish Cary Grant extolls the virtue of a martini, perfectly coiffed hair and impeccable attire as well as the presence of the beautiful red haired femme fatale dancing in the background.
illustration of An illustration commissioned for a proposed calendar on the history of motorcycle culture that promotes the classic image of Marlon Brando rebelling against whatever you've got. Black leather jacket and classic bike are vintage images of the 50s.
illustration of A hot chick blazing down the highway on her motorcycle with dress flying in the wind. Illustration for a proposed calendar on motorcycle imagery.
illustration of Hummbird feeding babies for a poster as she builds a nest deep in the glades and safely positioned on the water laden reeds of a secluded pond.
illustration of Naturalized American citizens taking the Pledge of Allegiance is a classic image of Americana. Different cultures and people coming together under the flag of the United States.
illustration of A straight flush always goes well with a nice glass of straight bourbon.  Deal the cards and pour the drinks as she makes her bet.
illustration of Advertising image for a tuxedo wearing gentleman drinking a fine cocktail.
illustration of Play ball as the Arizona Diamondbacks launch a new baseball season and their quest for a World Series win.
illustration of The fastball is on it's way to blaze past the batter for a third strike and another Arizona Diamondback's baseball team win.
illustration of Elvira the Mistress of the Dark is the undisputed queen of the monsters as she keeps the vampires, ghouls and graveyard denizens in line.
illustration of Business growth and larger than life CEO's is represented in this editorial illustration of a giant looming over the city skyline.
illustration of Making the long distance putt from the back the green is a golfer's dream and goes for that birdie.
illustration of Advertising
illustration of Surrounded by technology connections from smart phones, tablets, laptops, texts, messages, emails, phone calls.
illustration of Advertising illustration for home water filtration system that promotes the fresh, clean taste of health H2O and the long range benefits of drinking water each day.
illustration of Poster to raise funds for disabled veterans track chair
illustration of Editorial image on increase of men staying at home while wives and mothers take on the role as bread winners and corporate leaders.
illustration of Poster of retro hero Flash Gordon carrying his favorite laser cannon deep amid the glowing stars and planets of outer space on another exciting adventure.
illustration of Movie poster for independent Star Trek production
illustration of Character poster for Captain Pike film
illustration of Superheroes are everywhere these days and Daredevil leads the way on cable network, NETFLIX. Battling the forces of evil and the kingpin, Matt Murdoch keeps the streets of New York safe.
illustration of The cloud computing and data storage is accessible from anywhere from laptops, smartphones and tablets.  This storm of data is flooding the marketplace in this editorial illustration..
illustration of Mandrake the magician is casting a spell in this character poster of the classic superhero.
illustration of Convention poster promoting 40th Anniversary of Doc Savage movie with guest Ron Ely
illustration of Blaring guitars and screaming fans are the best of rock and roll concerts. Music for the energetic.
illustration of Han Solo supports joining the rebellion in this poster for Star Wars merchandise.
illustration of The good, the few, the Marines are illustrated at their best in the image of a soldier decorated with medals and in full dress uniform.
illustration of The rising image of medical costs and hospital stays is illustrated as a nurse/doctor adjusts the flow of money from the IV.
illustration of Justice looms large over the guilty as this judge passes sentence over the waiting criminal.
illustration of Crashing through the maze of business, this woman advances her cause with the bold strokes of a sledgehammer to advance in the world of men.
illustration of Poster proposal on quarterback Kurt Warner's induction into the Arizona Cardinals Ring of Honor
illustration of Rolling up your sleeves to get back to work and build the community and city.
illustration of Sample illustration for Playboy article
illustration of Cover proposal for updating of Archie Comics characters including Veronica, Jughead and blonde haired Betty.
illustration of Editorial illustration on the changing roles of women in the workplace illustrated by the image of a woman wielding wrench and tools as a mechanic.
illustration of Poster proposal for Agents of Shield television series on the ABC networks showing all the characters and the flying car.
illustration of The political image of a mysterious assassin holding the gun of his choice and calling card.
illustration of Cover submission
illustration of Social media image to promote toy line relaunch
illustration of Advertising image to promote Ego blower product on social media
illustration of Poster promoting Arizona hosting the Super Bowl
illustration of Character poster used to promote Captain Pike film
illustration of Social media image submitted to promote the television series
illustration of Cover proposal
illustration of Editorial proposal for article on new medical treatments outlining the pharmaceuticals, medicines, treatments, shots, injections and salves for many maladies.
illustration of Proposed illustration to promote Brad Meltzer Lost History show as well as his line of political thriller novels and comic book work.
illustration of Illustration for poster and t-shirt to educate the public on the power grid susceptibility to attack. Gigantic sun flares and electric impulses exploded above the earth destroy the electrical grid making it useless.
illustration of Editorial illustration on the governmental interference with small businesses showing the length red tape that senators and members of congress employ to stifle the growth of the economy.
illustration of Wall graphic promoting healthy alternatives to drug use such as athletics, family, arts, school and the future of obtaining a college degree.
illustration of Cover proposal for new comic book series introducing the pulp hero, The Shadow to a new era of readers as he wields his chrome plated pistols and vanquishes the evil doers.
illustration of Poster proposal for comic book and character relaunch of The Shield as a woman assumes the mantle of superhero.
illustration of Character poster used to promote Captain Pike film
illustration of Illustration used to promote the Star Trek Continues on line series.


I've worked as an illustrator for 25+ years, creating images for advertising, point of purchase, industrial, commercial and editorial projects. Illustration brings the readers eye to amplify your message.


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