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Mr Mead

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Sylvie Poggio Artists
36 Haslemere Road
London, N8 9RB
United Kingdom

illustration of Poison Plot Town Castle Sewage
illustration of Dark Forest Creatures
illustration of Wire King Captive Kids
illustration of Slide Rock Mountain Giant Fish
illustration of Mind Candy Spirits
illustration of Village Wreckage Destruction
illustration of Forest Monster Whirling Whimpus Ambush
illustration of Darkness Museum Spooky Skeletons
illustration of Creepy Banquet Weird Creatures
illustration of The Cavendish Cousins


Mr Mead is an artist who admires the surreal and otherworldly sides of art. He uses a traditional drawing technique working with fine liners, dip pen, markers and ink. His terror and intrigue for animals dressed as humans stems from his memories of Reginald Mills’ 1976 ballet film, “The Tales of Beatrix Potter” which he was forced to watch as a child, little did he know that it would be informing his work to this day…… Deciding to embrace his fear, he has over the years found a passion for creating dark inhuman characters blending the animal, human and mechanic, a super species he nicknames ‘Bio-Mechanical-Anthropomorphism’. Working from a windowless room in Jamaica Street Studios in Stokes Croft, Bristol, he creates artwork for publishing, music design, fine art shows and much more. Recently he has completed his first book for NYC based publishing company Workman.


Black & White, Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Pen & Ink, Concept Art


Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Character Development, Children's Books, Comic Book, Fantasy, Futuristic, Landscape, Mystery, Spiritual, Edgy, Urban