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Colette Alexandratos

illustration of Seek out the whimsical Starkeeper who climbs up the tree with a bag full of stars and scatters them amongst the night sky.
illustration of It's autumn and the colours in the air are changing and amongst them in a wise creature
illustration of When the rains comes out it's time to get under cover
illustration of After a long cold winter's journey, a new found place to warm into.
illustration of Digital, Whimsical, Animals, Children, Children's Books, Nature, Spiritual
illustration of My entry for this year's Asian Festival of Children's Content sketch competition. The theme is Indonesia, Fantasy and Food. Although I have never been to Indonesia, I took my inspiration from the Sacred Monkey Sanctuary in Bali.
illustration of Amongst the distant tropical waters are some friends that have come to say hello
illustration of Happy Halloween with spooky characters from all the family
illustration of Happy Halloween in black and white


Black & White, Digital, Line with Color, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Whimsical


Adventure, Animals, Children, Children's Books, Fantasy, Food, Holidays, Landscape, Mystery, Nature, Travel, Wildlife, Spiritual, Ethnic