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Alpaca Logo for Micalu Designs

Logo design for Australian business Micalu Designs - an artisan making 'tangled fork' as well as alpaca fiber products. Includes Australian flora such as wattle, gumnut flower and gumleaves. Shown here without logotype

Keywords: Animals, Botanical, Children, Children's Products, Greeting Cards, Nature, Scientific, Wildlife, Vintage / Retro

© Sally Ridge

Stuff You Should Know Poster

Fan art/passion project poster design created for the Stuff You Should Know podcast. Hosts Josh Clark and Charles W Chuck Bryant are featured high-fiving and sitting behind an x-ray screen too show us ‘how stuff works’. The Georgia state flower ‘Rose Laevigata’ as well as some peaches nod to where the podcast is produced and of course Chuck is wearing his famous ‘Last Chance Garage’ hat. ‘One of the most delightful pieces of fan art we have ever gotten’ - Chuck Bryant

Keywords: Caricature, Cartoon, Design, Lettering, Type Design, Botanical, Posters, Scientific, Wildlife, Americana

© Sally Ridge

Badger Boyfriend Wine Label Design

Label design for Badger Boyfriend Cabernet Sauvignon, featuring all kinds of boyfriend loveliness.

Keywords: Colored Pencil, Design, Stylized, Type Design, Watercolor, Animals, Wildlife, Americana, Food/Beverage, Vintage / Retro

© Sally Ridge

Town Drunk IPA Beer Lable

Boutique beer label design for 'Town Drunk' IPA depicting the trope of the 'down and out' town drunk. Imagined here lightheartedly as a raccoon.

Keywords: Calligraphy, Design, Watercolor, Humor, Animals, Food, Product, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Vintage / Retro

© Sally Ridge

Made On The Left Autumn Poster Design

For me, the loveliest part of Made on The Left is arriving home with a treasure or two in tow - bringing something home to the nest was my inspiration for the poster design. Shows two Australian Sacred Kingfishers wrapped up in scarf, beanie, cup of tea and ready for a lovely autumn afternoon.

Keywords: Acrylic, Line with Color, Type Design, Watercolor, Animals, Book Covers, Editorial, Nature, Posters, Wildlife

© Sally Ridge

Circus Town Poster

Poster design for 'Circus Town' - a Bassendean community event. The local animals of Bassendean - common duck, skink and snake-necked turtle - are seen having fun enjoying the festivities of eating fairy floss, learning a trick and getting a balloon animal.

Keywords: Type Design, Animals, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Posters, Wildlife, Vintage / Retro, Youth

© Sally Ridge

Hoarse Poster - Band Poster

This poster concept for Melbourne hardcore band Hoarse draws inspiration from scientific and medical illustration to depict an array of horse eye problems. The play on hoarse/horse is used throughout their identity and by depicting these irritated and sore eyes, evokes a visceral feeling to link in with the feeling of being hoarse.

Keywords: Design, Lettering, Technical, Information Graphics, Medical, Posters, Sci-Fi, Masculine, Youth

© Sally Ridge

Kid's Cancer Support Group

Logo design for the Kids Cancer Support Group. The traditional, hand drawn logo helps to give a soft and approachable feel to this logo.

Keywords: Caricature, Cartoon, Design, Lettering, Logo Design, Watercolor, Animals, Children, Children's Products, Wildlife

© Sally Ridge

Cornelio Koala Commission

Cornelio is an ice-cream man (koala).

Keywords: Watercolor, Flash, Animals, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Fantasy, Wildlife, Vintage / Retro, Youth

© Sally Ridge

Dear Josephine Swallow Logo

Logo design for Dear Josephine - a small business creating handmade dolls with vintage inspired outfits. Traditional tattoo imagery was used for styling. Shown here without logotype.

Keywords: Colored Pencil, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Texture, Flash, Animals, Botanical, Romance, Vintage / Retro, Feminine

© Sally Ridge

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Hello, my name is Sally Ridge and I am a professional illustrator and graphic designer based in sunny Perth, Western Australia. My illustration is bright and sweet, created by hand using watercolour and pencil on luxurious cotton rag. This gives my work a wonderfully tactile and textured feel. I work part time as a graphic designer in a studio, meaning I am used to completing work to a consistently high standard and on time. My experience as a designer means that I am handy with all of Adobe Creative Suite, as well as a whole bunch of other skills that come with the territory. Thanks in advance for taking the time to view my work, please don’t hesitate to give me a bell if you would like to talk further.


Acrylic, Calligraphy, Caricature, Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Design, Lettering, Line with Color, Logo Design, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Stylized, Technical, Texture, Type Design, Watercolor, Flash


Humor, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Fantasy, Food, Greeting Cards, Information Graphics, Medical, Nature, Posters, Product, Romance, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Wildlife, Americana, Food/Beverage, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Youth