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Bear in the woods

Watercolour and ink illustration of a bear in the woods. I wanted this to have a slightly magical, mystical feel, merging traditional and contemporary styles.

© Rhiannon Bull

The Bees

A mixture of watercolour and ink to catch the colour of bees in the summer.

© Rhiannon Bull

The fox in the woods

A watercolour and ink illustration of a fox emerging from the woods in the evening. This project needed to catch the magic of the British countryside. It was completed in a traditional style in bright colours.

© Rhiannon Bull


An ink and watercolour portrait of a giraffe for travel on a safari holiday.

© Rhiannon Bull

The wren

A black and white pen and ink drawing of a wren. This drawing accompanied the folk story about the wren becoming the king of the birds and was completed in a very traditional, realistic style.

© Rhiannon Bull

The Night Hob

Concept for the character of the night hob in the children's book The Neverending Story. This was supposed to be a fun, quirky, but still traditional-looking illustration.

© Rhiannon Bull

Yak in Nepal

This Nepalese yak was painted in watercolour and then inked. It is a bright, colourful illustration appropriate for the travel destination.

© Rhiannon Bull

The elephant and the balloon.

This was inked by hand and then coloured digitally.

© Rhiannon Bull

Angel Falls

This watercolour and ink illustration is of a distinctive waterfall in Venezuela, South America. It needed to be colourful and represent the travel destination.

© Rhiannon Bull

The whale

This bright, colourful illustration completed in watercolour and ink needed to be fun and semi-abstract while clearly depicting a whale.

© Rhiannon Bull

Rhiannon Bull


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