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Coffee Spa

The couple are enjoying coffee time together. Their love to each other brings them to a relaxing and intimate ideal, which is like enjoying hot spring spa.

© Nan Qin

Kids Can Cook

© Nan Qin

Dreaming A Giraffe

The story is based on a dream, which is about a little girl and a giraffe on the ocean. The giraffe does not know how to swim, so it wears a lot of swim rings. However, it still cannot balance its body, which makes it cry.The little girl is stunned and has no idea how to help her giant friend.

© Nan Qin

Hide and Seek

This pattern is a story about animals playing hide and seek in the forest.

© Nan Qin

Love and Flowers

© Nan Qin

Man in A Starry Night

A man is standing in a starry night. The stars become bright flowers surrounding the man. The man feels peaceful and joyful so that a rainbow grows from his inside. More stars grow from the rainbow as well.

© Nan Qin

Heavy Backpack

This image is created for an article: Heavy Backpack Can Spell Chronic Back Pain for Children. The elephant is a metaphor of heavy backpack.

© Nan Qin

Wedding Invitation

It is a wedding invitation created for friends.

© Nan Qin


Kids are flying with mooncakes and playing with each other in the night sky. Happy Mid-autumn Festival!

© Nan Qin


It is created for an article: Pollution in Beijing. The air pollution in Beijing is so serious that everyone has to wear mask when going outside, even a cat and a dog.

© Nan Qin


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