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David Gilhooley

illustration of Line with Color, Humor, Celebrities, Political, Portrait, Americana, Financial
illustration of Line, Humor, Celebrities, People, Political, Portrait, Sports, Web Illustration, Feminine
illustration of Line with Color, Humor, Celebrities, Holidays, Icons, Leisure, People, Portrait, Travel
illustration of Line, Architecture, Information Graphics, Leisure, Maps, Music, Travel, Lifestyle
illustration of Line with Color, Architecture, Corporate, Maps, Travel, Web Illustration, Lifestyle, Environmental, Financial, Urban
illustration of Watercolor, Architecture, Education, Historical, Holidays, Leisure, Maps, Religious, Travel, Urban
illustration of Watercolor, Action, Adventure, Information Graphics, Leisure, Sports, Transportation, Travel, Web Illustration, Urban
illustration of Design, Digital, Leisure, Maps, People, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Urban, Branding
illustration of Watercolor, Food, Product, Still Life, Web Design, Web Illustration, Food/Beverage
illustration of Digital, Greeting Cards, Historical, People, Posters, Sports, Web Illustration, Vintage / Retro, Urban


I enjoy creating exciting illustration, illustration that excites people. I'm excited by places, in colour and mono. I take a clean, freehand, graphic view on the world, adding pop, fuelling emotions and bringing smiles. I am a highly experienced illustrator, renowned for a positive, creative outlook and a solid understanding of commercial design, the visual arts and successful business. I love it. I relish diversity and welcome all opportunities; large or small, print or digital, editorial, advertising, publishing, interiors, fashion, surface patterns, murals and any other world beyond.


Design, Digital, Line, Line with Color, Watercolor


Humor, Action, Adventure, Architecture, Celebrities, Corporate, Education, Food, Greeting Cards, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Information Graphics, Leisure, Maps, Music, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Product, Religious, Sports, Still Life, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Web Design, Web Illustration, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Environmental, Financial, Urban, Branding