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Erin Balzer

illustration of Erin Balzer - Plum Pudding Illustration


I am a proud born-and-raised Canadian gal with an innate love for the outdoors and all things arty. I grew up in a family of woodworkers, sewists and painters, crafters who greatly influenced my chosen illustration medium, woodcut printing. I love the process of carving my characters into the wood and seeing how their quirky and whimsical identities come to life through the ink in the prints. If I could choose where and how to spend my time it would be carving and doodling endlessly beside some lake, or trailblazing through the woods with my husband and our German Wirehaired Pointer, Freya. Either that or dancing through my house to Michael Jackson. I adore big mugs of milky coffee, cozy socks, Chickadees, smelly candles and the colour green.


Woodcut, Decorative


Animals, Character Development, Children's Books, Children's Products, Greeting Cards, Textiles, Wildlife