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Olivia Wise

illustration of lion tamer, tame, power, danger, dangerous, force, natural instinct, nature, instincts, spiritual, health
illustration of jazz bassist, bass, musician, music, strings
illustration of discussion on disabilities, disabled, wheelchair
illustration of fiddle, fiddling, folk, dance, clogging, appalachia
illustration of rl burnside, blues, folk, guitar, craps, dice, railroad, heat, folk, singer, song, songwriter
illustration of Elizabeth Cotten, acoustic blues guitar, folk music, singer songwriter, freight train, laundry, maid, self-taught, left-handed
illustration of Decorative design, tea party, cake, lemon, birthday, celebration, invitation, spot illustration
illustration of Ukulelist and singer Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. ukulele, Hawaii, IZ
illustration of ukulelist and singer Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. ukulele hawaii
illustration of lyrical poetry
illustration of Bluegrass guitar, fiddle, and banjo musicians in a rural country pastoral farm setting, folk, singer, song, Appalachia, play
illustration of lips, paint, splash, erotic, sexy, provocative, creative voice, creativity, song, sing, singing, music, colorful
illustration of Ry Cooder and Lalo Guerrero, Chicano music, Latino, Chavez Ravine, Dodger Stadium, eviction, house, home, houses, homes, neighborhood, bulldozer
illustration of Mississippi delta blues, spiritual, wooden porch, family, fireflies and Charley Patton for Acoustic Guitar Magazine
illustration of Spiritual gospel blues portrait of Blind Willie Johnson for Acoustic Guitar Magazine
illustration of Portrait of cellist Rostropovich for Strings Magazine, Russia, Soviet Union, Reds, Dvorak, duport stradavari strad, history
illustration of Palestine Israel, empathy, middle east peace
illustration of together, unity, diversity, connection, race, baptism, spiritual
illustration of Portrait of journalist George Seldes for Freedom Magazine
illustration of Spiritual portrait, justice is love, and MLK / Martin Luther King Jr. for Tikkun Magazine
illustration of spiritual divide, division, divided, dividing, diversity, separate, separated, separation, separating, connect, connection, connecting, connected, unity, unite, united, uniting, overcome, overcoming, overcame, humanity, people, will, love, hope
illustration of Poster for a short film about the corruption of Equatorial Guinea's Vice President 
inequity, injustice, poverty, money, greed, inequality, starve, starvation, Africa, dictator
illustration of water on Mars, common core controversy, apple, worm, spot illustration
illustration of Religion, orthodox, orthodoxy, religious diversity, connection, differences, tolerance, hats, Christian, Christianity, Amish, Protestant, Catholic, Catholicism, Judaism, Jewish, Jew, priest, Muslim, Islam, Tao, Taoism, Taoist, Dao, Sage, Buddhism, Buddhist, Folk Religion, Sikh, Sikhism, Shaman, Shamanism, faith, spirit, spirituality, sacred, culure, ritual, yamaka, kippah, hijab, taqiyah, habit, zucchetto, biretta, turbin
illustration of Hurricane Sandy, underwater ballet, swan lake, ballerina, dance, tu tu, New York subway
illustration of portrait, LP, album cover, portrait, music, musician, packaging, beard, electric blues
illustration of Israel Palestine, peace
illustration of Musician Doc Watson for Acoustic Guitar Magazine
illustration of sour grapes, emotional, temper tantrum, bad mood, upset, unrequited love, late summer, spoiled, fallen fruit, jealousy, waste
illustration of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. / MLK reflection reflections reflective I have a Dream
illustration of leisure, lake, water, sand, child, children, mother, afternoon, sun, picnic, weekend, bathing, bathing suit, peek-a-boo, butt
illustration of school budget cuts, underpaid teacher, empty pocket, chalkboard, education, paint, painterly
illustration of Bad Ass Teachers rethinking education and standardized tests
illustration of seductive dance, pole dance, sun, surf, beach, sexy, seahorse pose, powerful woman, female, athletic, acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache, paint, painterly
illustration of pole dance pose, athletic powerful woman, floral, whimsical
illustration of pole dance, German, cuckoo clock, athletic woman, seductive
illustration of Acrylic, Graphic, Oil, Painterly, Editorial, Food, Health, Music, Nature, Edgy
illustration of owl, owls, bird, birds, nocturnal, game go, snow, fantasy, whimsical, full moon, dream, dreamy, forum, congregation, community
illustration of book, books, read, literary, spot illustration
illustration of mushroom, porcini, pastime, hobby, hunt, hunter, hand, basket, fungi, fungus, nature
illustration of Cafe, old man, age, mortality, lonely, connected but alone, cell phone, dining, dinner, food, table, restaurant
illustration of theater, opera house, play house, concert, box seats, public, music, entertainment, dance, show, secret kiss, kissing, romantic, romance, love, lovers
illustration of ocean, seashell, desalination, water, wave
illustration of pills, addiction, troubled adolescent, drugs, prescription drug abuse, teens, troubled teenager, teen, rehab
illustration of guns, gun debate, weapons on campus, police, firearms, public school safety
illustration of heroin opiate seditive drug addiction needle needles syringe, dragon, spot illustration


Freelance illustrator Olivia Wise graduated from the illustration program at California College of the Arts. She has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, Society of Illustrators West, American Illustration and is represented by Private View Illustration Agency, UK. Please contact Olivia with illustration inquiries.


Abstract, Acrylic, Collage, Conceptual, Design, Figurative, Gouache, Graphic, Impressionistic, Oil, Painterly, Stylized, Texture, Watercolor, Whimsical


Humor, Action, Book Covers, Celebrities, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Medical, Mural, Music, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Product, Religious, Romance, Science, Scientific, Sports, Travel, Americana, Lifestyle, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Edgy, Environmental, Grunge