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Watercolor painting of bluebell flowers. Colorful, washy, flowers, botanical, nature, purple, blue.

© Joanna Kaufman

Greater Gliders

Watercolor painting of a five greater glider family hanging together in the trees. Features pencil, watercolor wash, design elements of simple leaves, caricature creatures, fun, playful, cheerful.

© Joanna Kaufman


Watercolor painting of five shrews dancing hand in hand. Features playful naturalistic painted animals.

© Joanna Kaufman


Watercolor painting of a Hazel dormouse nestled in a nest of leaves and grass. Features soft colors, naturalistic painterly watercolor washes, cozy, warm, animal.

© Joanna Kaufman

Green Hairy Monster

Portrait of a toothy green hairy monster. Watercolor illustration for children's picture book. Narrative, humorous, scary, wild, imaginative, teeth, character.

© Joanna Kaufman

Woolly Wandering

Watercolor illustration of a fluffy sheep munching on a blade of grass. Features animal, wool, fiber, sheep, grazing, grassy, cozy, green, summer, creature, humor.

© Joanna Kaufman

Stoats In Raincoats

Watercolor painting for gallery exhibition featuring two stoats or short-tailed weasels in clear raincoats. Includes animals, coats, whimsical, children's, humorous and conceptual.

© Joanna Kaufman

Miss Lemur

Children's illustration for a picture book, showing a portrait of Miss Lemur, the school teacher, dressed in a rose blouse, pearl earrings, and red spectacles. Children's book, animal, teacher, colorful, whimsical, humorous, clothing, storybook, narrative, watercolor, pen and ink, character, feminine, girl.

© Joanna Kaufman


Illustration for gallery exhibition showing Fox pouring a cup of tea in a burrow. Children's book, storybook, cozy, interior, home, whimsical, colorful, narrative, rain, drinking tea, kettle.

© Joanna Kaufman

Amelia the Anteater

Illustration for children's book showing Amelia the Anteater holding her mop and standing next to the mop bucket. Children's book, narrative, whimsical, animal, cleaning, interior, humorous.

© Joanna Kaufman

Koala Carry-On

Illustration for gallery exhibition showing baby koala catching a ride on mama koala. Watercolor, pen and ink, storybook, animals, narrative, painterly, travel, children's book, family.

© Joanna Kaufman


Watercolor illustration for gallery exhibition of various beetles crawling about. Insects, colorful, whimsical, dream, nature.

© Joanna Kaufman

Tapir Toccata

Watercolor illustration showing Tapir playing a toccata on the ukulele. Music, instrument, whimsical, colorful, humorous, narrative, children's book, storybook, animal.

© Joanna Kaufman


Watercolor illustration for children's book Gigi and Ed's Birthday Party showing elephant carrying a tray of pretzels. Whimsical, colorful, children's book, narrative, animal, happy.

© Joanna Kaufman

The Dreaming Horse

Watercolor illustration of mouse dreaming of a big horse standing under the stars. Dreamy, colorful, animals, painterly, narrative, children's book, storybook, blue.

© Joanna Kaufman

Rain In the City

Illustration for gallery exhibition of characters running about in the rainy city. Colorful, narrative, character development, chicken, pig, rabbit, mule, frog, dog, bear, cat, doll, whimsical, humorous, children's book, outside.

© Joanna Kaufman

Joanna Kaufman


Conceptual, Fine Art, Gouache, Line, Line with Color, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Realism, Watercolor, Floral, Whimsical


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