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Dan Nelson

illustration of Transformed from pencil drawing to digital artwork, this infographic shows a possible use for autonomous cars. If one needed a vehicle for a few hours, or a day, this car could be rented and take its passengers to their destination as well as returning them to the hotel afterwards. Digital artwork done in Clip Studio Paint (Formerly Manga Studio 5) and
illustration of This piece is one of several commissioned by Bostec Engineering. The CF Gaskets are drawn to scale, and the lady in the chair enables the viewer to compare gasket sizes with their own knees. Lady, chair, and measurements done in Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio 5), gaskets built in Adobe Illustrator. Bostec Engineering is based in Hermosa Beach, California. See for more illustration examples.
illustration of A vintage Art Deco inspired poster for the Australian Formula One Grand Prix. The green and gold represent Australia's sporting colors. The car is a Repco Brabham, driven by the late Sir Jack Brabham, Australia's first F1 champion. Part of a larger series, race date is from the 2011 season. Piece done entirely in Adobe Illustrator.
illustration of Drawn in the style of a race attendee's Spotter's Guide, this vehicle travels the windswept plains of Mars with ease. The Great Mars Rally would have several unique classes of vehicles competing at the same time. Taken from a pencil drawing and built in Adobe Illustrator.
illustration of Concept racing vehicle with canopy over cockpit and covered wheels. Car also gets most of its downforce from underbody tunnels, as opposed to wings. Done in colored pencils and ink pens.
illustration of This racecar has no wings, and instead relies on a mix of mechanical grip and underbody tunnels for downforce. This machine could be a good training platform for up and coming drivers. Shoretrooper inspired livery. Done in pen, markers, and colored pencils.


I'm an artist currently living in New York, with the goal of moving to California. My artistic style incorporates both conceptual and technical illustration, along with the graphic design aspect of logos and liveries. Favorite drawing subject matter are machines and vehicles, often with a dose of science fiction thrown in.


Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Realism, Stylized, Technical, Concept Art, Vector


Futuristic, Industrial, Information Graphics, Posters, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Sports, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Branding