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Energy & Environmental Science Cover

For the cover image on the peer-reviewed scientific journal Energy & Environmental Science (November 2015), I rendered an innovative device caught in the act of splitting a water molecule.

© Caltech

Advanced Energy Materials Cover Image

A concept for a water molecule-splitting device, rendered by Darius Siwek for the cover of "Advanced Energy Materials" (July 6, 2016).

© Caltech

Photovoltaic Concept

A rendering created by Darius Siwek featuring an innovative photovoltaic arrangement to harness more of the sun's energy. Concept originated at Atwater Group (Caltech).

© Darius Siwek


Water-splitting technology featured in a rendering I produced for the science journal "Angewandte Chemie."

© Caltech


An infographic I created for a Caltech brochure.

© Darius Siwek

Chemical Science Cover Image

A cover image I created for the cover of Chemical Science (April 2016), which features an abstract representation of a process that reduces carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide.

© Caltech


A rendering I produced for a Caltech brochure.

© Darius Siwek


X-Rays strike a semiconductor surface composed of various compounds, which result in electrons being released.

© Darius Siwek

Atomic Models

Brochure graphics I produced for Caltech featuring atomic models suspended in solution.

© Caltech

Atomic Models

Brochure graphics I created for Caltech featuring atomic models in random formations.

© Caltech

Darius Siwek

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Darius Siwek’s work is the place where art and science meet. Clients such as Caltech, research scientists at major universities, and start-up companies rely on him to translate technical concepts, inventions, and products into dynamic images. Researchers work with him as they apply for grant money; engineers hire him during the patent application process; think tanks and labs needing to spread the word about their latest innovations get him to produce cover artwork for major science journals. He does the work with the expected flair of an artist but works closely with the client to ensure a faithfulness to science.


Design, Digital, Photoillustration, Technical, 3-D Collage, 3-D Rendering, CGI


Book Covers, Information Graphics, Science, Scientific, Technology, Web Illustration