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Janet Cheeseman

illustration of Janet Cheeseman - Plum Pudding Illustration Agency


I have always loved the freedom of drawing, as a toddler I was known to use the walls when I'd run out of paper, much to my parents dismay! As an adult I am an illustrator who loves nothing more than sketching up and inventing lively characters with a real sense of joy and movement. I particularly like bringing other peoples visions, as well as my own ideas for children's books, to life on a page. Over the last ten years I have worked in schools and enjoyed children's books through the eyes of the kids in the classroom. I live in East London with my husband and my bubbly little girl, who inspires so many of my drawings and ideas. I often work from our studio shed, with the radio on and a packet of wotsits in a nostalgic attempt to recreate the comfort of the A-level Art experience! Usually with the heating turned up to 11. I love chunky pencils, rich colour and experimenting with paint and photoshop techniques for collage and that retro feel.


Colored Pencil, Digital, Figurative, Stylized


Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, People, Web Illustration