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Sunset on Enmore - Street Drink

Sunset Street Drink Girls

© Maddie Egremont

Chinatown Small Shop

Chinatown Shop Street

© Maddie Egremont

Lost in Venice

Venice Street Bicycle Girl

© Maddie Egremont

Junkyard Teens and Lizard

Junkyard Teens Lizard

© Maddie Egremont

Railway Bridge Kid and Dog

Railway Bridge Train Kid Dog

© Maddie Egremont

Rave Girl

Rave Clothes Look Girl

© Maddie Egremont

Shigatse-Shaman Woman

Shaman Woman Birds

© Maddie Egremont

Llewllyn Garden-Street Teen

Llewllyn Garden Street Teen Dog Evening

© Maddie Egremont

Crooked House

Crooked House Sunset

© Maddie Egremont

City Skyline

City Skyline Night

© Maddie Egremont

Maddie Egremont

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Sylvie Poggio Artists
36 Haslemere Road
London, N8 9RB
United Kingdom


After graduating from university she began to pursued her interests in design and illustration, living in London and Bristol for many years. After this she moved to Sydney Australia. She always had the need to draw, combining what she imagined with what she saw. There’s always something new and surprising to discover, when you begin looking closely at your surroundings and she enjoys creating illustrations with these qualities. The main focus of her artwork is from observational sketches. From these initial marks, she refines the lines and then applies rich colours. She has a desire to refine her creative voice and carry on producing imagery that tells a story. Media : Pen & ink & Digital Her portfolio covers both commercial and personal projects.


Digital, Figurative, Pen & Ink


Adventure, Architecture, Book Covers, Celebrities, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Fantasy, Industrial, Landscape, Leisure, Music, People, Portrait, Textiles, Transportation, Feminine, Youth, Ethnic, Environmental, Grunge, Urban