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Andy Mansfield

illustration of On Wisconsin! Oil on Canvas. Based on photo by Gary Smith. (On display at the Wisconsin Center for Music Education, Waunakee, WI) While at UW-Madison, I played trombone in the marching band which is something I’m proud of. I made this oil painting an unusual shape to emphasize the forward motion of the band. Also because I’ve never seen a painting this shape and thought it should be done! I also made the frame. - Andy Mansfield
illustration of Robin Yount - October 3, 1982. Oil on Masonite.
The Brewers were tied with the Orioles for first place going into the final game of the regular baseball season. 
Robin Yount hit 2 home runs in the game to lead the Brewers to their first pennant ever 
and they were on their way to the World Series.
illustration of Cecil Cooper - October 10, 1982. Oil on Masonite.
The Brewers were trailing the California Angels in the American League playoffs—and in this game— 
until this moment. Cecil Cooper’s big hit in this baseball game also help lead the Brewers to their 
first pennant ever and they were on their way to the World Series.
illustration of Rollie Fingers, Lou Whitaker,  Ted Simmons - October 3, 1981. Oil on Masonite.
(The crowd was cheering, “Rol-lie. Rol-lie!”)
The Brewers win assured them of making the baseball postseason for the first time in franchise history.
illustration of Mark Clear, Ned Yost - September 29, 1982. Oil on Masonite. Ned Yost, Milwaukee Brewers backup catcher, hits go-ahead 3-run home run in the ninth off of Mark Clear of the Red Sox. Brewers second-to-last regular season baseball win in 1982.
illustration of Football L-Cat in Toga logo. Pencil (colorized on computer)

This cartoon mascot is the “L-Cat”.
illustration of High School Gymnasium Latex Mural.
After seeing another mural I painted, I was commissioned to paint a cat mural mural in a new gym.
illustration of Lion Mascot Logo created with Adobe Illustrator
illustration of “Happy-Star-Hands” - Character Illustration.  Adobe Illustrator
JohnsonDiversey, Inc. 
(Program to teach Elementary children to properly wash hands)
illustration of Baseball Uniform/Logo Design
Milwaukee Brewers “Design a YOUNIFORM” Contest. Created with Adobe Illustrator.
illustration of St. Jerome Parish School Golf Outing Logo for school fundraiser. Created with Adobe Illustrator.
illustration of Aeromexico Logo Concept.  Adobe Illustrator.
This was a logo assignment for a college class.  For the assignment, we were to create a mark based on traditional Native American imagery. It is a logo for Aeromexico airlines. After doing many pages of sketches, the logo was derived from the ancient Mexican Indian God “Xipe” (shaped in the letter “A” for Aeromexico).
illustration of Logo concept for Aztalan State Park near Lake Mills, WI.
This logo was created entirely in Adobe Illustrator. The Aztalan Indians were known for their mound building and the stockade which surrounded their city. Circular stone beads were found in one of the mounds with a skeleton known as the
illustration of Painting of a song. It is “La Fiesta” by Chick Corea as played by Maynard Ferguson. The top triangles represent the high, screechy trumpets, the lower portion is the keyboard and rhythm sections. The middle wavy blue line is the trombone solo. The colors used for the wavy line and the background pink create an optical illusion where it looks like there is a dark line next to the blue and a white line next to the pink.
illustration of Kitchen Crisis. Oil on Canvas.
This is a painting of my father and mother attempting to fix our kitchen sink. At the time I took a photo, and later used that photo to recreate this scene. Everyone seems to like it, especially the gray pants.
illustration of La Familia. Oil on Canvas.
I was commissioned to paint these portraits by one of the boys in the family. He had 2 photos he wanted me to combine.  One of his father, and one of the rest of the family. He gave this painting to his mother on Mother’s Day.
illustration of Wendy.  Acrylic.
This portrait was done as a college graduation present for my sister. It was done from a grade school photo of her. The background was based on the Mona Lisa background.
illustration of This was for a Drawing class. For the assignment, we were to draw or paint someone’s portrait. I called up a friend, but she wasn’t home, but her roommate, Cami said she would pose. This took me several hours to do, and since it was evening, Cami ended up falling asleep in the chair while posing. I ended up giving Cami this painting on her wedding day a few years later.
illustration of Annie.  Acrylic.
This is a painting of my niece, Annie. 
It was to be one of a series.
illustration of Curtis. Chalk on Felt Paper.
This was done from a childhood photo of my dad. My art classmates thought it was really good. My dad also seemed to like it.
illustration of Yucatan Brama Bull.  Acrylic.
I took a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. At one house, the bus stopped and we got to look around. I snapped a photo of the back yard where this Brama bull was standing.
illustration of Cuenca.  Watercolor.
This was done from a photo my wife took on her trip to Cuenca, Spain. They build their houses right on the cliffs. We gave it to my wife's friend, Elizabeth who also went there, for a wedding present.
illustration of Elf.  Acrylic.
I was going through a fluffy cloud phase., exploring the idea of is the man small or are the tree roots and grass extra large in this landscape?
illustration of Madison. Oil on Canvas.
This was for a Painting class at UW–Madison my junior year of college. It was the third of three paintings I did in that class. This is a view I saw many times. While a member of the marching band, we marched this way back to the Humanities building after football games. 
Someone in my painting class suggested that I should put a turtle crossing University Avenue, 
which is usually a very busy street. If you look carefully, you can see it.
illustration of Farm landscape. Acrylic.
illustration of Farm Painting for my Aunt. Oil on Canvas.
My Aunt Janet commissioned me to paint this view of the farm. This is similar to one I did for my 
other aunt a few years earlier.  A few years later, I did another one like this for my cousin.
illustration of Still-Life. Oil on Canvas.
illustration of Five Feathered Friends. Watercolor.
I gave this painting to my cousin for a wedding present. She is the sister of another cousin, who I had given a different bird picture to for her wedding present a few years earlier.
illustration of The Glass-Catfish, Kryptopterus bicirrhus.  Acrylic.
This was for a class. For this assignment, we were to focus on transparency, thus the see-through fish.
illustration of Tales of the Yesteryears by Russ Rennaker, Book Cover.  Ink Illustration. My grandpa commissioned me to make this horse & buggy cover sketch for his book. It has a lot of interesting short stories.
illustration of Pigs. Wood Engraving Print.
illustration of The Old House. Pen & Ink.
When my mother and father-in-law’s moved into their new house, Mrs. K. asked me to make a picture of their previous house in WI.  After many years, I finally did it and gave it to them for a Christmas present.  A few days later, Mrs. K. had me make some changes, which wasn’t easy.  Also, while I was making the changes, my wife accidentally picked up the ink bottle and spilled a few drops on the picture. It still turned out pretty good.
illustration of Black and White Tree. Colored Paper.
This was for a Two-Dimensional Design class. 
For this assignment, we started with one black sheet of paper half the size of the white piece. 
We made pictures that were 50% black, 50% white.
illustration of Go Cubs! Infographic showing 2016 player baseball salaries. Created with Adobe Illustrator.
illustration of Sammy! Infographic showing Cub baseball player salaries. Created with Adobe Illustrator.
illustration of Technical Illustration
illustration of Technical Illustration
illustration of Slurry Packer Technical Illustration
illustration of Technical Illustration


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