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Susan Lugar

illustration of Fall delicious postcard of apples!  This the autumn to enjoy fresh apples!
illustration of Fall is in the air with apples and butterflies in the mix. Moving from one delightful season to fall’s bounty.
illustration of Here we are again with fall Apples and lots of foliage. A butterfly enjoys the mix!
illustration of Along with a fox and duck in the background these woodland bunnies are on the run.  In and out of the monstera leaves they just might make a fun item for a children's nursery.
illustration of In tandem style of the pomegranates the fruits dance along the palette in a fanciful display.
illustration of What fun times I remember, plucking a Pomegranate or two in Grandad's garden. Oh the work to eat and the joys of the labor!
illustration of Scrollwork graces the vintage birdcage, some acanthus leaves and roses too!
illustration of Digital Sculpture, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Book Covers, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Licensing, Surface Design
illustration of Here we are again with the holidays just around the corner and more potted plants to celebrate the season!  Succulents, Monstera leaves and more decorate the page as candy canes dance the jig!
illustration of The Fleur de lis represents purity and what fun to create one in black and white with a large bloom in the center.   Design is then placed in multiples with some scrolly flips to give dimension to the piece.  It's now ready to put into a repeat pattern.
illustration of Oh, the bliss that summer brings with hummingbirds and florals to boot!  Whether we have Hollyhocks or Honeysuckle, the glory is similar.  Enjoy!
illustration of With Ginkgo leaves as a backdrop this greeting card says Thinking of You as hummingbirds flitter the page.
illustration of This vintage style postcard sports a colorful hummingbird.  The Iris florals and message with postal stamp will soon sail over the Big Pond for Europe, or maybe it already did!
illustration of This time the vintage postcard has an old fashioned two wheel bike with florals and butterflies on the go.  Maybe the butterflies and Hummingbird will catch up with the scene!
illustration of In florals and happy birds plus cages, the magnolias encircle the scene. Enjoy the fun!
illustration of Another vintage door handle joins the first as the handle swings out to the side, ready for someone to come in!  In an ornate style, some swirls and florals in the background it just makes me want to see what is on the other side!
illustration of Oh the fun of it!  Finding the sparkling lights pinging from the prismed center knob.  Does it take us back to a favorite city in some historical town?  Maybe it's a hometown place that touts mansions and all the fun and fuss that rides the stories!  Twist the knob... and just walk into the story.
illustration of Do we ever tire of florals, of blossoms and blooms?  In this postcard style there are buds and leaves, blooms, the works!
illustration of Oh come on Saturday so we can visit the Farmers' Market!  We'll sort through vegetables like lettuce and radishes, tomatoes and beans.  Don't forget the home style syrup and fruits!
illustration of They must be such a happily tweeting bunch of birds finding this nest with twigs and worms in their beaks.  They can visit our yard just anytime!
illustration of Hummingbirds catch our eyes, no matter the season!  Always on the fancy move for nectar and sweet drinks from florals.
illustration of Still on the loose for sweet nectar from florals, the hummingbird is joined this time, by butterflies
illustration of More fun with French Script as the birds frolic in a summer theme.  As two fly away another slides down the ribboned way.  Even the tree gives way to a smile at the fun theme afternoon.
illustration of
illustration of The postcard is about ready for France.  Buttercups float about the page with lavender touches and wisps of white.
illustration of It won’t be long before fields are singing in all sorts of colorful blooms and in whites.
illustration of In this collection the vintage atomizers spray in a chorus of fragrances.  In pastel softness we are reminded of the 20's, flapper dresses and a room spritzed in cologne. Take your pick!
illustration of A waft of it takes us right back to Grandma’s dresser top.  Close your eyes and remember the vintage atomizers.  Showy pinks and lavenders mirrored doubly in the glass underneath. Lights multiplied the prismed edges and the perfumes were oh, so nice!  The glassware is just oh so delicate as are the perfumes. The lettering tells us what it is, the fragrance reminds us where we are.
illustration of Rabbits don't even need sunshine and blooms to leap around the forest.  With tinkling bells in tow this bunny is on the go.  Leaping right through the icy florals he doesn't even wait for spring!
illustration of With bells in the mix the fox leaps through woods in blues and wonder.  A musical staff floats through the piece, some script and a whole lot of joy! He joins the rabbit of this collection and woods.
illustration of When summer ripens so do the cotton blossom!. Bring on the heat, bring on the blooms.
illustration of In classic black and white style these Dahlias showcase 3 blooms and lots of leaves!
illustration of The thistles have such textured layers out in the woods! In the countryside their spiked hats and lavender blossoms take our breath away! They are the prickly gems of, woodland walks,  even in black and white!
illustration of This third in this collection of Hydrangeas and birds remind us of just how delicious chocolate is!  Oh, I want a piece! In this French postcard fun even the stamp has a bloom.
illustration of I'm not sure what's more yummy, a Hydrangea in season or a bit of chocolate!  Let's go with both!
illustration of Holiday celebrations continue with Christmas treats, part two. Grab some hot chocolate, coffee or flavored hot tea just for the fun of it!
illustration of These vintage Christmas balls 2 are cousin kin to the already posted 1. This time we feature the balls that you can look inside the ball down into the sparkles from an opening in the face, what fun is that!
illustration of More Christmas balls with a hint of Scandinavian design. Trimmed in lights and color it's time to celebrate!
illustration of It’s time to celebrate, Scandinavian style!  Vintage style reflects woodland scenes and sweet days gone by.
illustration of The birds are alive in the Christmas florals, tweet sweet times!
illustration of Tap a toe and bring on the noise! The Nutcracker characters  with their fun and instruments are ready to strike up the band!
illustration of The pineapple is wreathed in Monstera leaves and other florals. A circle of delight!
illustration of A dove or two pop on the burgundy background as the round the corner of Christmas in hopes for a peaceful year to come.
illustration of We are reminded that there is always Hope. Surrounded in a wreath of butterflies and florals we are thankful that there is always hope.
illustration of A hot summer day with tweets in the air and a reach for figs.  Delicious in jams or plain, relish the taste!
illustration of Water and bubbles slide and slush over the starfish of the sea.
illustration of
illustration of Anemone Florals can't get enough of the sway in the wind.
illustration of Sunflowers joined the sunny tunes of summer in pinks and other swirls of florals.
illustration of In classic blue and white the birds and leaves flip in twirl!
illustration of The soft florals and teapots join in the design as the fox barrels over the cityscape!
illustration of In this one of the collection a blue and floral teapot resides in the bunny.  Always time for tea!
illustration of Digital, Floral, Book Covers, Botanical, Greeting Cards, Licensing, Nature, Packaging, Still Life, Surface Design
illustration of Black & White, Digital, Lettering, Floral, Food, Greeting Cards, Licensing, Textiles, Agriculture, Surface Design
illustration of These vintage oil and vinegar containers can dress  up a salad the old fashioned way!
illustration of With a spritz and spray from these vintage water misters we can perk up those thirsty, sleepy small plants.
illustration of Such fun to spray plants with a mister that reminds us of vintage days and lovely blooms.
illustration of From a tall and thin mister the water sprinkles out in drips and sprays.
illustration of Black & White, Lettering, Line, Floral, Botanical, Greeting Cards, Licensing, Packaging, Environmental, Surface Design
illustration of Black & White, Digital, Lettering, Line, Floral, Book Covers, Licensing, Nature, Textiles, Surface Design
illustration of Summertime with summer florals in black and white.
illustration of Digital, Lettering, Line, Floral, Botanical, Greeting Cards, Licensing, Nature, Textiles, Surface Design
illustration of Digital, Line, Floral, Book Covers, Botanical, Greeting Cards, Licensing, Nature, Textiles, Surface Design
illustration of One of the Vintage series that includes cameras, typewrites and vintage film cameras.
illustration of One of the Vintage series that includes cameras, typewrites and vintage film cameras. The Mot Mot Bird scurries away!
illustration of One of the Vintage series that includes cameras, typewrites and vintage film cameras. This typewriter dates back to 1912.
illustration of One of the Vintage series that includes cameras, typewrites and vintage film cameras.
illustration of One element of the Vintage series that includes cameras, typewrites and vintage film cameras. In another image the Toucan sits on the vintage typewriter.  What a thinker he is!
illustration of In a watercolor and digital mix the fish charms tropical waters.
illustration of The vintage lavender box is ready for travel with postmark and all.  Away it goes!
illustration of Oh how our gardens grow and in different ways for the same plants!  But in the end they are all reaching for the same thing:  the sunshine!
illustration of Some vintage fun with a ride on a postcard...Paris here we come with florals!
illustration of Words are on the move and in the sky as this hot air balloon skirts the clouds on a postcard.
illustration of The suitcase stamp is on the postcard and Peonies float about the page.  Let's go!
illustration of Up, up and away to Europe on a postcard!! Peonies in the background and a balloon in the breeze!
illustration of A hot air balloon takes the scene into the skies on this postcard as a lobster in watercolor awaits his fate!
illustration of Don't miss the script word
illustration of These Pomegranates flow in watercolors and have the name in script below.
illustration of This watercolor crab on digital stripes is on the move in murky waters!
illustration of Not your everyday berries with an abstract background and a health bowl of fruit!
illustration of
illustration of This Ice Cream Caramel treat has a few swirls of Peppermint in the mix!
illustration of Sometimes there are just tooooo many folks in the kitchen.  In this case the mouse is running to deliver a Petit four.  He's on the skeetle as his frog friends are helping too.  Pass the candy corn out of the tree, please!
illustration of Oh the cooks, always in a hurry to get recipes to the fire and table!  The running mouse will hopefully deliver the shrimp in time and very well done!
illustration of What fun in the kitchen with the rabbit with pinwheel lounging on a strawberry.  That's not all,  a mouse is off with a bowl of fruit!  In mostly watercolors the day is off to a whimsical start.
illustration of Not just any girl can carry her pet dragon with her!
illustration of In watercolor style the dragon and mouse enjoy some time together!
illustration of Watercolor, Animals, Book Covers, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Greeting Cards, Licensing, Surface Design
illustration of It''s time for the toddlers to have some fun with the horses on a stick!  Ride them kiddos!
illustration of He's found treasure, a seed, in the ground.
illustration of The boy and the seed are both growing and nappng under moonglow.
illustration of Digital, Whimsical, Book Covers, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Greeting Cards, Licensing, People
illustration of The colors mirror as the Hummers kiss.  A frolic in the garden.
illustration of Digital, Botanical, Editorial, Education, Food, Greeting Cards, Licensing, Packaging, Food/Beverage, Surface Design
illustration of The balloons are blown, the fun is on, the candle's are lit and it's time to


Whether creating whimsical images or serious, Susan pulls out images like a long draw on salt water taffy. From her southern roots, color has wooed her from early childhood. Her Mother often said, “She HAS to be making something!” Early work began in watercolors and more recently digital works cried out, “Scoot over and make room!” From two mediums different styles emerge but from the same heart. From her long stint in the Orient and subsequent travels in the world, she brings some popping color to the palette both digitally and softer, in watercolors. With her you’ll hopefully find some laughter or quiet spots in this sometimes crusty edged world. Now out of northern MS (the Memphis Metro) she’d be pleased to work with you on creating images that are (hopefully)… eye-catching. And in time if they compliment your project ideas with a double take, consider her smiling…ear to ear. Websites: for Art Licensing


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