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Talk Radio

Illustration of the hypnotic effects of talk radio.

Keywords: Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Film/Entertainment, Book Covers, Editorial, Music, Political, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro

© Steve Dininno

The Queen of Wall Street

Illustration of the contrast between Hillary Clinton's embrace of Wall Street and the 1% and her populist stance as she runs for POTUS.

Keywords: Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Photoillustration, Book Covers, Celebrities, Editorial, Political, Web Illustration, Edgy

© Steve Dininno

Sardine Airways

An illustration about the cramped and crowded airline experience.

Keywords: Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Editorial, People, Transportation, Travel, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Financial

© Steve Dininno

Taylor Swift Vs Apple

Illustration of Taylor Swift taking her cut of royalties from Apple

Keywords: Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Photoillustration, Film/Entertainment, Celebrities, Editorial, Music, Web Illustration, Financial

© Steve Dininno

Multiculturalism In America

Illustration of multiculturalism and diversity in the USA.

Keywords: Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Photoillustration, Book Covers, Editorial, Education, Political, Lifestyle, Ethnic

© Steve Dininno

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A professional illustrator for over 30 years, Steve Dininno is well-known for creating beautiful digital imagery that exhibit stunningly luminous colors and a conceptual ability that is among the finest in his field.


Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Photoillustration, Film/Entertainment


Book Covers, Celebrities, Editorial, Education, Music, People, Political, Transportation, Travel, Web Illustration, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Ethnic, Edgy, Financial