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Ollie Dances With Chickens

Oliver 550 tractor... actually, the chickens don't keep all that still.

© James Mann

Lackawanna Railroad Streamliners

Lackawanna Railroad F3A #664, F3B #664B & F3A #663 at Spencer, North Carolina... afternoon of May 30, 2014

© James Mann

Pennsylvania Railroad PRR 5711

Pennsylvania Railroad Streamliner Locomotive PRR #5711 at Spencer... afternoon of May 31, 2014.

© James Mann

J Class #611 Streamline Steam Engine

Norfolk And Western J Class #611 at Spencer, North Carolina... May 30, 2014

© James Mann

W.W. Benner Hauling . Perkasie Train Station

Reading Railroad EMD FP7 #902... stopped southbound at the Perkasie Train Station. Woodrow Wilson Benner held the Railroad Express Agency contract in Perkasie and the contract to carry mail between the Post Office and the train station, from about 1938, until 1958.

© James Mann

Missionary Ridge Horseshoe Tunnel

Tennessee Valley Railroad, Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation 2-8-0 #610 emerging from the 980 foot long, hand dug, 1858 Missionary Ridge, Horseshoe Tunnel.

© James Mann

Snowbirds at R Tower Allentown

ALCO Century Series C628 locomotive was produced from 1963 until 1968 and the Lehigh Valley Railroad had 17. The white ones were nicknamed "Snowbirds".

© James Mann

General Electric Milwaukee Road Class EP-2

Five of these Class EP-2 type Bipolar electric locomotives were built by General Electric in 1919, exclusively for the Milwaukee Road passenger division and were hugely successful at their task, before being retired in 1961.

© James Mann

East Penn Railroad 3153 at Quakertown

EPRY #3153 (former CONRAIL #1933) is a GE B23-7, diesel electric locomotive, owned by the East Penn Railroad and operating between Quakertown and Telford on partial trackage of the former Reading Railroad's Bethlehem - Philadelphia branch line.

© James Mann

Bass Point Creek High Bridge

The Bass Point Creek High Bridge is 156 feet high and 754 feet long. It is a deck girder steel bridge built by the Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Railway in 1913. It is located in Boone County, Iowa and is currently a part of the excursion route of the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad and Museum.

© James Mann

Dillingersvlle Railroad Tunnel

Locomotive 7554 is a former CONRAIL EMD GP10 upgrade, owned by the East Penn Railroad and operating on the Perkiomen Shortline, previously owned and operated by the Reading Railroad between Pennsburg and the current Norfolk and Southern interchange at Emmaus.

© James Mann

Reading FP7 Push-Pull

Reading Railroad GM EMD FP7's, 902 and 903, in a push-pull configuration, northbound on a late afternoon run from Philadelphia to Bethlehem, cross the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek entering Sellersville, Pennsylvania.

© James Mann

John Deere Sidehill 9500 Combine

The John Deere Sidehill 9500 Combine has a hydraulically controlled, articulated chassis, that maintains a vertical orientation for the grain bin and operator, while the grain head and running gear tilt and follow field contours. In the rolling hills of the eastern United States, this is a big deal.

© James Mann

Horseshoe Curve Railroad

The Horseshoe Curve, outside of Altoona, Pennsylvania was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad as part of a time savings route over the Alleghany Mountains and completed in 1854 . The curve, with a diameter close to 1,300 feet, is part of a 12 mile, 1.8% grade climb to the top of the northeastern side of the mountains.

© James Mann

Mt Alto ALCO Locomotive

A pair of Reading Railroad, ALCO RS-3 diesel electric locomotives haul empty coal cars northbound through Perkasie.

© James Mann

November Corn 2

Farm Life: Harvesting corn in the fall... a little train consisting of the Oliver 550 tractor, the New Idea 323 one row corn picker and an old wagon with some board sides to contain the corn. It isn't fancy, but it gets the job done.

© James Mann

Sub Soiler

Farm work: Oliver 1655 tractor pulling a sub-soiler plow... early Spring. Although no-till cultivation is now the norm almost everywhere... every few years it's necessary to run through the fields with a long shank harrow and break up the deeper hard pack, prior to planting.

© James Mann

Bucking Hay

Farm work: Hot, sticky, sweaty, dirty, hard work... Throwing bales onto a hay wagon... and after you get one wagon loaded, you go back and get another... until all your hay is stored for the winter.

© James Mann

Larry's Ox

Farm animals: In this instance, Larry's Ox was content to relax and enjoy his retirement... and it was a good life.

© James Mann

July 2nd Cutting

Farm work: Making hay, mowing hay... a Oliver 550 tractor and New Holland 461 Haybine... with swallow and bluebird escort.

© James Mann

January Corn

Farm life: A brisk winter day. Taking a few hundred pounds of the fall harvest from the corn crib... to be milled into feed for your animals.

© James Mann

Baling Wisconsin

Farm Life: Working the hills with a John Deere 5205 tractor... making some round bales of hay.

© James Mann

November Soy

Farm scene: Fall harvest... transferring fresh soy beans from a Deere 9500 combine into the waiting hopper truck for transport.

© James Mann

May Alfalfa

Farm scene: Late afternoon... looking across the pasture over first cut alfalfa hay... raked into long windrows.... savoring that sweet... rich... fragrance, wafting our way... there's just nothing like it...

© James Mann

A Bad Day

Farm life: Horace's old forage wagon just separated from it's chassis and toppled over... spilling it's load of corn on to the ground. Not a good thing in the middle of harvest season... not good at all.

© James Mann

Oliver 77

Farm scene: The Oliver 77 Row Crop tractor was manufactured from 1948 through 1954. Here, they're still in use and we're taking off a field of alfalfa with a New Holland mower/conditioner.

© James Mann

Spreading It Around

Farm life: This is all about the application of organics and rebuilding the soil for the next crop. But... I have to tell you... after engaging the gears for that first pass... and those paddles start flipping... well... that's just more fun then you can imagine...

© James Mann

On the Verdant Highway

Farm Life: Long hours on the tractor & miles to go...

© James Mann

July Alfalfa

Farm scene: A bright summer day... and a field of freshly baled alfalfa hay ready to be picked up for winter storage.

© James Mann

September Soy #2

Farm scene: Early morning... the sun has just cleared the east ridge... giving this field of soybeans a golden russet tone...

© James Mann

Joseph D. Slick's Barn

Farm scene: The classic stone bank barn in Bedminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

© James Mann

Ceresota Flour

Farm scene: There was a time when barns were billboards... and it was a pretty good deal for any farmer to get a fresh coat of paint on his barn... for free, just for allowing a company, a little advertising space on a couple of walls...

© James Mann

Cook Barn

Farm scene: The Cook Barn was built in the mid 1800's... however, the original farmstead that this barn is located on, was one of a complex of five separate area farms that supported the vast, historic Durham Furnace infrastructure, providing food and related agricultural products in the early to mid 1700's.... up to and through the Revolutionary war.

© James Mann

Winter Break

Farm scene: Mid afternoon... following a night of heavy snow... a small dairy farm in southeast Pennsylvania... these cows are going to need some hay...

© James Mann

Andrew Cicon's Farm

Farm scene: Andrew Cicon's farm... early winter... early morning...

© James Mann

Plymouth Rock Rooster

Farm life: Old Rodger the Rooster... Rodger ruled the roost and feared nothing... holding absolute dominion over every other creature on his farm... except... one dark night... sadly... a fox... reduced him to a pile of feathers.

© James Mann

The Confrontation

An American History book cover: "Fries's Rebellion . The enduring struggle for the American Revolution" by Paul Douglas Newman. Illustrating an escalating confrontation between local residents and tax assessors at Enoch Roberts' tavern

© James Mann

Meyerson Hall Addition

Aerial perspective view of a proposed architectural addition to the School of Design . University of Pennsylvania

© James Mann

Wade House

A woodland house

© James Mann

ARDC Midget

Midgets at Grand View Speedway. Midget race cars in the 50's spent most of their time snarling around fair ground dirt tracks sideways on Saturday nights.

© James Mann

Stolp . Starduster Too

The Stolp Starduster Too. A highly aerobatic biplane aircraft.

© James Mann

Subaru 2.5 RS

Subaru RS car illustration for an auto article.

© James Mann

Rondout Lighthouse

The Rondout Lighthouse sits on a man-made peninsula, jutting out into the Hudson River at Kingston, New York.

© James Mann

University of Alaska at Anchorage

Campus aerial view perspective map of the University of Alaska at Anchorage.

© James Mann

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