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owyouknowabout...make small educational films for 8-12yo about famous folk in history, to encourage further interest. It was a welcome chance to get back to watercolour & historical settings after a couple of years spent working on bright shiny digital projects.

Karen Donnelly

Molly McNo

Shrewd, weatherbeaten female pirate of advancing years stands on the deck of her ship looking out to sea with her bedraggled old parrot on her shoulder. on a cord around her neck hangs a large diamond ring.

© Karen Donnelly


Busy rural camping scene, showing various tents, caravans and camping paraphernalia, including barbecues, bedding, laundry, eating arrangements deckchairs.. People are queuing at an ice-cream van, walking dogs etc. Various animals are shown; cats, dog, cows, birds, squirrels.

© Karen Donnelly

Emergency Room

Busy scene depicting emergency room in a British NHS hospital. A teenage girl has injured her leg and is in shock. Porters are transporting her on a trolley to a consulting room. Her mother holds her hand, and her sister and grandparents watch anxiously from the waiting area

© Karen Donnelly

Black Death

16th century Italy. Crowds leave town with their belongings as their neighbours succumb to bubonic plague around them. Masked plague doctors with bunches of herbs watch as dead bodies are loaded onto horse drawn carts ready to take to mass graves outside the city. Black rats and the disease carrying animals can be seen mingling with the crowd and the shared water supply

© Karen Donnelly

Campfire Stories

Group of 3 pre teen kids sitting around a campfire in a field at dusk, twilight, cooking sausages and beans. One is siting up in his/her sleeping bag, another has a torch lit under his/her chin and is talking animatedly. the others are listening wide eyed, enthralled.

© Karen Donnelly

Talk to Your Rabbit

Pre or early teen boy laying prone with cheeky looking inquisitive rabbit on his chest.Each look like they are enjoying the others company!

© Karen Donnelly

Sean and Katy

small boy and younger sister

© Karen Donnelly

The Artful dodger steals a handkerchief

19th century. boy in oversized coat and top hat

© Karen Donnelly

Oliver Twist

19th century.impoverished orphan boy eats hungrily

© Karen Donnelly

Stormy Weather at the Airport

In the departure lounge of a busy airport. Outside the weather is wet and stormy, the displays show all flights delayed. Bored frustrated passengers with crying children and babies in the background. In immediate foreground, child of indetirminate gender wearing large wolf hat stares listlessly ahead. His sister looks on, concerned.

© Karen Donnelly

Homework - family tension

Smug 'good' sister (or friend) looks on smiling while another girl argues heatedly with father (or teacher) over homework

© Karen Donnelly

decorate an egg cup

girl sits on high stool with paintbrush and egg cup

© Karen Donnelly


feisty girl, about 10 years old looks confrontational.

© Karen Donnelly

old duffer

elderly professor type

© Karen Donnelly

Sally Tomato

harrassed mum prepares salad

© Karen Donnelly


moonlit night in Garden of Gethsemane

© Karen Donnelly

Joan of Arc

victorious Joan, medieval soldier, before castle

© usborne


Joan of Arc's army await battle

© usborne

Princess Diaries, canteen

teenage girl looks adoringly at boyfriend in school canteen

© Macmillan

amorous dogs

embarrassed youth and oblivious older lady with amorous dogs

© Karen Donnelly

Karen Donnelly


Black & White, Cartoon, Digital, Figurative, Line, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Realism, Watercolor


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Editorial, Education, Family, Food, Health, Historical, Holidays, Leisure, Medical, People, Religious, Romance, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Youth, Ethnic