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Sharif Tarabay

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Illustration (USA) Inc.
70A Greenwich Ave #278
New York, NY 10011
United States


Combining a wealth of experience, and being a dab hand with the paintbrush, as well as producing high quality digital artwork, Sharif has carved out a career of producing exquisitely finished pieces of illustration, that are at home in advertising and publishing as well as editorial arenas. His Norman Rockwell inspired portraits are always a winner with his clients, and his latest foray in animal illustration is also striking the right chords. Clients * Harper Collins * Mojo Magazine * Feast Creative Ltd * Big Communications * M & C Saatchi * Scholastic * Conde Nast Publications


Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Line, Line with Color, Painterly, 3-D Collage, Type Design, Concept Art, Vector