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Tianyin Wang

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Illustration (USA) Inc.
70A Greenwich Ave #278
New York, NY 10011
United States


Tianyin originates from an artist family in Shanghai. However, he has been living in the UK over 4 years. He has art like you've never seen. Using a process that we call "splashy art", his glossy and colorful works just make you go "wow". He uses styles of pop art to bring his pieces to life. The work has abstract and realistic aspects mixed into one, making for a perfect picture. Using a great variety of colors in everything he creates and a completely original sort of style, Tianyin will always give you a picture that's incredibly fun to look at. Clients * Lenovo * Nerve magazine * SK-ii * Bloomsbury Publishing * Fashion Monitor magazine


Conceptual, Line, Line with Color, Watercolor, Concept Art, Vector