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Helen Lang

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Originally from Devon, Madamesange (aka Helen Lang) now lives and works in SW London. She has worked extensively in the stationery, print and poster industry gaining clients such as TESCO and The Art Group in the UK and Paper Magic and American Greetings in the US. Back in a rather lovely studio she is now developing her more decorative line and beautiful lettering styles and techniques as well as generating a healthy appetite for Guinness & cous cous..(not together yeah!?) She is also very keen to expand work in the editorial and book publishing field. Madamesange is an active participant of The East End Arts club. When not there, she can be found waiting by the phone....pen, pencils and brushes in hand ready to start work for you!! Clients * The Economist * The Art Group * Almanac Cards * Paper Magic * Design, Design * Inkdrops * Tesco


Conceptual, Line, Line with Color, Logo Design, Type Design, Concept Art, Vector