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Alexandra Ball

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Illustration (USA) Inc.
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It all started on a Tuesday, many moons ago, when a small and cheeky red-head bounced into the world. It is said that on the eve of her 2nd birthday, Alexandra had a visit from a magic chicken who laid an egg which held the story of her future inside. Unbeknownst why, she was quickly whisked away to a hiding place far away in the forest. There Alexandra was brought up by a porcupine and 5 bees until she was old enough to go to Falmouth College of Arts and study Illustration. The bees with their honeycomb cells had given Alexandra a love of pattern and the porcupine with his spiky spines had made her aware of texture. Together she combines these loves with her illustrations to create images to delight children and adults alike....


Conceptual, Line, Line with Color, Concept Art, Vector