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Robert Steele

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Lindgren & Smith

illustration of water color, light house, ocean, water, sea, house,
illustration of autumn, leaves, Fall, lane, fence, path, sunlight, watercolor
illustration of father, son, man, child, kid, talking, sharing, family, watercolor
illustration of floral, flowers, path, house, entry, stone, doors, botanical, architectural, watercolor
illustration of horse, watercolor, autumn, animal, wild,


Robert Gantt Steele loves illustrating the relationship between natural and man-made subjects. His watercolor paintings of architecture, for example, are made richer by his inclusion of painterly human and natural forms. The human subjects he paints, on the other hand, inhabit a convincingly detailed background. Robert enjoys the research needed to accurately capture the detail as well as the mood and atmosphere of his subjects. Recent projects include a commission by Smithsonian Magazine to illustrate the human character and the atmosphere of a particular small town in France. Robert studies music and is a performer in local San Francisco productions. This helped him create illustrations used for the promotion of Broadway shows such as “Showboat.” He completes several book covers and children’s books as well as many other commissions each year. Constant studies and sketchbooks fill his free time.




Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Family, Landscape, Leisure, Nature, Packaging, People, Portrait, Americana, Lifestyle, Youth, Environmental