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horses, snow, people, riders, mountain, trees,

Keywords: Acrylic, Oil, Painterly, Adventure, Animals, Landscape, Nature, People, Romance, Americana

© Francis Livingston


pearls, box, jewelry, necklace, bracelet

Keywords: Acrylic, Oil, Painterly, Fashion/Cosmetics, Packaging, Romance, Still Life, Lifestyle, Feminine

© Francis Livingston


town, city, village, street, lamp post,

Keywords: Acrylic, Oil, Painterly, Architecture, Landscape

© Francis Livingston


skates, skating, ice, snow, man, woman, car, winter

Keywords: Acrylic, Oil, Painterly, Family, Leisure, Nature, People, Romance, Sports, Vintage / Retro

© Francis Livingston


store, store front, city, shop, shopping, eatery,

Keywords: Acrylic, Oil, Painterly, Architecture, Food, Food/Beverage, Urban

© Francis Livingston

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Francis Livingston

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Francis Livingston was born in Cortez, Colorado and ranks as one of the top American illustrators. His early works, which were influenced by Sargent and Whistler, were painted in a monochromatic style. Upon moving to the San Francisco Bay area, he started to experiment with color which led to a fondness for the California and French Impressionists. Francis Livingston lived and painted in San Francisco for 20 years and then five years ago he moved his family to Sun Valley, Idaho, where he developed a deeper appreciation for the west.


Acrylic, Oil, Painterly


Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Family, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Landscape, Leisure, Nature, Packaging, People, Romance, Sports, Still Life, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Urban