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Middle Manager

stress, argument, psychology, divided, divorce, breakup, tension, anxiety, pressure, distress, worry, strain

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Orange Coast

Wild West, jamboree, cowboy, canyon, celebration, festival, bandit, dance, shotgun, gun, violence, desert, bunting, colorful, clever

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Life of Pi

boat, tiger, typewriter, narrative, story, Yann Martel, creativity, creative, writer, paper, content, Life of Pi, silkscreen, screen print, graphic

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Being a Christian in the City

clever, humorous, funny, Buzzfeed, street, taxi, pedestrian, puddle, rain, religion, Christianity, miracle, cars, traffic, sidewalk, urban

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Taming a School

teaching, teacher, lion tamer, lions, wild, students, school, obedience, education, instructor, discipline, trainer, whip, circus, red

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Don't Walk! Pedestrian Casualties

street, urban, death, accident, traffic, clever, conceptual, witty

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Bully afraid to come-out while in school

locker, school, student, anxiety, gay, sexuality, high school, jock, psychology, emotions, emotional, sadness, shy, shyness

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Health Tech

health, technology, medicine, doctor, hospital, healthcare, checkup, medical exam, nurse, physician

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Apps are Leaving Teens Isolated

iphone, phone, cellphone, mobile phone, tech, technology, lonely, youth, teenager, teen, apps, notification, isolation, emotions

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Moving Urban Sensibilities

moving, truck, move, boxes, packing, youth, urban, city, skyline, buildings, Millennials, Gizmodo

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Smart Beta ETFs Vary Widely

Barrons, chef, cooking, kitchen, vegetables, ingredients, food, cook

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Galt's Gulch

postcard, travel, rocking chair, shotgun, greetings, american, Chile, cultural, move

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Pete Ryan

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Former male model (true) Pete Ryan was raised in the badlands of rural southern Ontario. A feral child, Pete's boyhood days were spent recklessly gallivanting down sun parched roads and within tall fields of corn. As an adult, Pete¹s free spirited nature is still felt within his work. Recklessly obsessed with concept and metaphor, Pete spends long hours at his sketchbook hunting for the perfect solution to even the trickiest visual problems. His work is bold and graphic, juxtaposing meticulously clean line work with haphazard, razzle dazzle texture. Petes remaining time is divided between watching YouTube videos of Boston Terriers and thinking about watching said videos.


Acrylic, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Mixed Media, Stylized, Texture, Whimsical, Silk Prints, Vector


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Editorial, Education, Food, Health, Medical, Nature, People, Portrait, Religious, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Urban