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Turine Tran

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Illustration (USA) Inc.
70A Greenwich Ave #278
New York, NY 10011
United States


Turine Tran, a Vietnamese born artist, takes inspiration from nature and companionship. Through dreamy, nostalgic images, she loves to invite children and adult-alike, to a world where a tiny flower could become a fantastic wonder. After beginning her art study in 2001, Turine pursued her passion with illustration through a journey that lead from her hometown to Singapore, Paris; and then to Edinburgh, where she obtained a Masters of Art degree in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art. She is now living in England. Her work has been featured in many notable exhibitions in UK, Singapore, and Vietnam. Turine often incorporates hand rendering and digital painting to create rich textures, which partly set a whimsical mood to her work.


Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Fine Art, Graphic, Line, Line with Color, Technical, Decorative, Concept Art, Vector


Children's Books, Landscape, Youth