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Wellness at Work

businesswoman, work, office, joy, happiness, happy, woman, meditation, butterfly, butterflies, emotion, depression, peace, confidence, confident, insects, wings, fly, freedom

© Gaby D'Alessandro


Guao, movie poster, Catherine Deneuve, flowers, profile, psychology, mind, sexuality, transexual, secret, subtle

© Gaby D'Alessandro

Like Water for Chocolate

Like Water for Chocolate, homage, woman, cooking, rose petals, kitchen, flowers, roses, red, sensual, love, romance, passion, food, chef, ingredients, Latin, Latin American, Mexico, Mexican, spicy, corn, emotional, braid, ethnic, cultural, coloring book, novel

© Gaby D'Alessandro


Portrait of Charles Darwin covered in plants with Galapagos animals on the background. Scientist, science, nature, plants, green, detailed, wallpaper, evolution, coloring book

© Gaby D'Alessandro

Charles Darwin

plants, Galapagos, green, research, foliage, detailed, texture, notes, Charles Darwin, evolution, science, scientist, coloring book

© Gaby D'Alessandro

Illustrated Aviary

birds, flowers, Audubon, flying, flight, wings, freedom, liberty, hummingbird, symbiosis, nectar, pollinate, pollination, surreal, surrealism

© Gaby D'Alessandro

The Garden in Your Gut

health, digestive system, body, medical, flora, microbes, microbiome, gut, silhouette, microbes

© Gaby D'Alessandro

Time to Discover

Night, ground, underground, forest, nature, mushrooms, outdoors, underground, shy, shyness, psychology, personality, emotions, emotional, delicate, curiosity, coloring book, line drawing

© Gaby D'Alessandro

Terrycloth Talisman

Relaxed woman wearing a terrycloth bathrobe while she lies on a nest. spa, relaxing, plants, insects, nature, outdoors, surreal, surrealistic, safety, safe, confidence, beauty, coloring book, line drawing

© Gaby D'Alessandro


Illustration for a zine that celebrates the world of video game FEZ, showing a floating fez with stars and cubes spilling out of it. space, hat, star, light, night, fantasy, magic, surreal

© Gaby D'Alessandro

Under the Sea

Decorative illustration of coral reef with fish and other underwater creatures. Sea, ocean, beach, decorative, environment, environmental, detailed, line drawing, coloring book

© Gaby D'Alessandro


Decorative illustration of cacti and desert animals. Cactus, plants, detailed, textured, snake, lizard, nature, decorative, line drawing, coloring book

© Gaby D'Alessandro

Happiness Quest

Statue of Liberty, America, American, patriotism, happiness, emotional, flowers, bouquet, plants, positive, optimism, optimistic, upbeat, NYC, NY, New York

© Gaby D'Alessandro

Gaby D'Alessandro

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After studying Fine Art and Illustration at Altos de Chavón in her homeland of the Dominican Republic, Gaby received a scholarship to Parsons the New School for Design where she completed a degree in Illustration. She has developed a distinctive style juxtaposing images, textured surfaces and an exotic color palette.


Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Texture, Decorative, Floral, Whimsical


Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Editorial, Fantasy, Food, Health, Leisure, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Science, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine