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Steven Colbert

The Colbert Report, Colbert, TV star, TV personality, Television, comedy, parody, satire, wit,Comedy Central, The Tonight Show, Late night TV, portrait, caricature, cartoon,

© Barbara Kelley

George Clooney

Movie star, celebrity, actor, portrait, faces, The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal portraits, pen and ink, scratchboard, engraving, face, faces, famous people, stamps,

© Barbara Kelley

Bryan Cranston

Breaking bad, television character, science, actor, famous, face, portrait, caricature, pen and ink,

© Barbara Kelley

Walt Whitman

Author, writer, historical, portrait, poet, pen and ink, The Wall Street Journal, book, books, poems, poetry, realistic, scratchboard, sketch

© Barbara Kelley

Steven Tyler

Rock star, music, portrait, caricature, famous, rock and roll, face, hip, T.V.,celebrity, singer,

© Barbara Kelley

Albert Einstein

scientist, famous, genius, portrait, E=Mc squared, face, book, books, science, scientific,

© Barbara Kelley

Sean Connery

Actor, famous, movie star, portrait, james bond, handsome,

© Barbara Kelley

Mick Jagger

Rock star, musician, celebrity,music, famous, faces, portrait, caricature,

© Barbara Kelley

Musician, jazz, saxophone, famous, face, people, sounds, broadway, portrait, realism, The Wall Street Journal, dot head, editorial,

© Barbara Kelley

Portrait Art and Leisure page

The Wall Street Journal, portrait, pen and ink, engraving, scratchboard, face, faces, realistic, realism, head

© Barbara Kelley

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney, Presidential Candidate, Republican, Caricature, Humor, Political cartoon, Satire,pen and ink,

© Barbara Kelley

Elton John

Rock Star, musician, celebrity, famous, caricature, portrait, pianist, piano, piano player, Gay, face, glasses, jazz, pop music, classical music, broadway music, broadway,lion king, benny and the jets, playbill, English

© Barbara Kelley

Newt Gingrich

Politicians, famous, caricature, news, celebrity,editorial, republican, conservative, obnoxious

© Barbara Kelley


Caricature, Advertising executive, annual report, pen and ink, portrait, line art, stylized,

© Barbara Kelley

Stevie Wonder

Musician, Pianist, Motown, Portrait, face, Rock, Celebrity, Blind, Caricature, Pen and ink,line work, engraving

© Barbara Kelley

I.M. Pei

architect, person, famous, celebrity, personality, builder, color ink,

© Barbara Kelley

Norman Mailor (young)

The Wall Street Journal, art and leisure page, writer, author, pen and ink, portrait, editorial

© Barbara Kelley

Rupert Murdoch

Time, The Wall Street Journal, portrait, dot head, engraving,Media Mogul, celebrity, News,magazine, scandal,scratchboard, pen and ink

© Barbara Kelley

Play write

The Wall Street Journal, art and leisure, writer, author, newspaper art,editorial, pen and ink

© Barbara Kelley

Benny Carter

Musician, music, jazz, saxophone, portrait, engraving, famous

© Barbara Kelley

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B. Kelley Art


Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Engraving, Line, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Realism, Scratchboard, Stipple, Stylized, Woodcut


Humor, Annual Report, Book Covers, Celebrities, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Historical, Leisure, Medical, Music, People, Political, Portrait, Science, Scientific, Sports, Americana, Edgy