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Sexy Movie Poster. Girl on Fire

A comp movie poster with a girl on fire. Based on a novel.

Keywords: Design, Digital, Graphic, Photoillustration, Realism, Book Covers, People, Posters, Feminine, Edgy

© Pam Wall

Portrait of a 50s Girl

Portrait of a 50s Girl. Painterly style for a corporate identity.

Keywords: Mixed Media, Painterly, Photoillustration, Celebrities, Corporate, People, Portrait, Still Life, Feminine, Edgy

© Pam Wall

Santa Claus Season's Greeting Christmas

Christmas Card Mailer with Santa Claus. Painterly style.

Keywords: Oil, Painterly, Photoillustration, Realism, Celebrities, Corporate, Editorial, Family, Holidays, People

© Pam Wall

Fantasy Book Cover

A fantasy book cover of a boy holding a girl entering through a gate.

Keywords: Digital, Painterly, Photoillustration, Realism, Book Covers, Fantasy, People, Posters, Religious, Spiritual

© Pam Wall

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Pam Wall

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Los Angeles, CA
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Mulit-talented Pam Wall graduated from Rhode Island School of Design. She creates many illustrations with various styles from airbrush to painterly to realism.


Design, Digital, Graphic, Mixed Media, Oil, Painterly, Photoillustration, Realism


Book Covers, Celebrities, Corporate, Editorial, Family, Fantasy, Holidays, People, Portrait, Posters, Religious, Still Life, Feminine, Spiritual, Edgy