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Giordano Poloni

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illustration of Digital, Editorial, Landscape, Urban
illustration of cycling, hiking, outdoor wear, expedition, terrain,
illustration of globe, building, airplane, round
illustration of lifestyle, sports, health, life, hobbies, charity
illustration of banking, building, high rise, commercial, generations, customers,
illustration of sunset, city, scene, urban, neighbourhood
illustration of career, study, teaching, choices, school, college, university


Introducing Giordano Poloni. Resident of Milan, Giordano's experience in the creative industry builds from motion graphics designer through a journey to illustrator. Inspired by his huge collection of comics, music videos, movies and photography books, and above all, colour, he creates digital artworks highly reminiscent of his Italian heritage.


Design, Digital, Lettering, Painterly, Stylized, Technical


Action, Adventure, Editorial, Education, Health, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Nature, People, Posters, Lifestyle, Environmental, Urban