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Colour Portrait

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Keywords: Pencil, Realism, Watercolor, People, Portrait

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How To

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Hugh Laurie

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United Arrows

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Keywords: Colored Pencil, Technical, Editorial, Portrait

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Peter James Field

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Peter has a degree in world art history and anthropology, specializing in Japanese culture, and taught for three years at state schools in the mountains of rural Japan. His intricate hand-made work focuses on the human figure, and particularly the face. His work is tender, playful and at times surreal. A fascination with the interplay of figurative imagery and abstraction has excited a recent interest in combining stylized subject matter with surface pattern.


Black & White, Colored Pencil, Line, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Technical, Watercolor


Celebrities, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, People, Portrait, Still Life, Lifestyle