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Sean Young, Blade Runner, butterfly, kimono, parrot, macaw, textile, pattern

Keywords: Collage, Digital, Figurative, Pattern, Botanical, Fashion/Cosmetics, Wildlife, Feminine

© Sarah Arnett

Keywords: Floral, Animals, Botanical

© Sarah Arnett

A House For Mr. Biswas

leafs, plantlife, typewriter, birds, house, home, desk, jungle, garden

Keywords: Digital, Stylized, Decorative, Book Covers, Botanical, Nature, Wildlife

© Sarah Arnett


plants, leafy, pattern, line, fashion, design

Keywords: Design, Digital, Floral, Textiles, Feminine

© Sarah Arnett

Turquoise Summer

Escada, perfume, floral, fruity, young, butterfly

Keywords: Design, Digital, Botanical, Fashion/Cosmetics, Nature, Packaging, Product, Feminine

© Sarah Arnett

Period Couture

tampons, packaging, patterns,

Keywords: Collage, Digital, Fashion/Cosmetics, Nature, Packaging, Wildlife, Feminine, Surface Design

© Sarah Arnett

Brighton Pavillion

leaflet, design, regency, tourist attraction, Brighton, UK, Indian,

Keywords: Collage, Design, Digital, Botanical, Leisure, Packaging, Wildlife, Lifestyle

© Sarah Arnett

Sarah Arnett

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Sarah Arnett’s beautiful work is renowned for its colourful nature-inspired prints. Sarah’s love of gardening and botanical gardens is key to her work. Studying and interpreting flowers, foliage, land & skyscapes are the starting point of any project. Throughout her work you will find recurring tree motifs to delicate abstract patterns inspired by butterflies and tropical plants, a real visual treat. Sarah’s illustrations develop from the hand-drawn and are then digitally illustrated. Not only a fabulous illustrator and print designer, she also runs her own clothing label and makes beautiful dresses and printed textiles. What excites her the most, is colour, “It’s my real passion”.


Collage, Design, Digital, Figurative, Stylized, Decorative, Floral, Pattern


Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Fashion/Cosmetics, Leisure, Nature, Packaging, Product, Textiles, Wildlife, Lifestyle, Feminine, Surface Design