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Anne Corless

illustration of I love being commissioned to create artwork of dogs and try and bring out the character of each animal!
illustration of Dog Anatomy (Hound) in watercolour pencil with anatomical images created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
illustration of Equine 'TheGrey' & Hoof Anatomy
illustration of Zebra and foal
illustration of Elephant....from my own reference sketching, photographing and observing this elephant for a number of days, in Kenya.
illustration of Portrait of Mercy
illustration of Cheetah on the run; I followed this cheetah for the day in Kenya until the ground became too rocky and then the light failed.
illustration of Horses - police horses on exercise. Original oil painting, 39
illustration of Galloping Horses.  An original oil painting 36
illustration of Rothschild Giraffe and Mount Kilimanjaro.  Oil on canvas, 36


I work in the creative arts as an artist and illustrator, designer, medical artist and writer. I use a variety of media; from pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, watercolours, acrylics and oils to digital artwork (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop) creating artwork on commission and for galleries and exhibitions; in the UK and abroad. Where possible, I use my artwork to help support my favourite charities.


Black & White, Colored Pencil, Figurative, Fine Art, Mixed Media, Oil, Realism, Watercolor


Action, Animals, Book Covers, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Education, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Landscape, Nature, People, Portrait, Scientific, Wildlife, Lifestyle