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Hand and digitally drawn illustration of shoppers for RSPCA Assured marketing material. Shopping, shopper, shoes, leggings, hair, red head, blonde, black, girl, woman, young, tennager, man, hat, bags, handbag, food shopping, basket, skirt, smiling, determined.

Keywords: Design, Digital, Figurative, Stylized, Vector, Food, People, Portrait, Feminine, Youth

© Liz Lewis

Map illustration for King Arthur Radio 4

Commission by BBC Radio 4 to illustrate a map and characters for their Once and Future King website content about King Arthur. BBC Radio 4, story, web content, historical, knowledge, ancient, radio, Merlin, King Arthur, mythical, map, UK, England, Ireland.

Keywords: Design, Digital, Apps/Mobile, Education, Historical, Maps, Web Design

© Liz Lewis

Vinyl record and sleeve design

Vinyl record and sleeve design for Paul Weller and Andy Lewis - commisioned by Acid Jazz Records. Music, record, vinyl, blue, exclusive, single, artwork, 60's, Paul Weller, Mod, patterns, figure, woman, black and white, psychedellic.

Keywords: Design, Digital, Music, Vintage / Retro

© Liz Lewis

Vinyl record and sleeve illustration/design

Vinyl record and sleeve illustration/design for Acid Jazz Records Record sleeve design, artwork, record shop, colourful, vector, line drawing, pattern.

Keywords: Design, Digital, Music, Product, Vintage / Retro

© Liz Lewis

Bell Boys table placename

Bell Boys table placename illustration and design as part of wedding stationery set. Man, bellboy, character, man, figure, fun, humour, cartoon, drinks, tray, fizz, pop, smiling, crazy, circle, colourful, yellow, blue, uniform.

Keywords: Cartoon, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, People, Portrait, Vintage / Retro

© Liz Lewis

Cooking competition

Commission by RSPCA Assured to illustrate young cooks and cooking implements. Boy, girl, smiling fun, cooking utensils, competition, sieve, chef, hat, bowl, mixing, enjoying, laughing, young, playing, happy.

Keywords: Figurative, Line with Color, Vector, Celebrities, Children, Family, Leisure, People

© Liz Lewis


Dive-in originally designed as a greetings card. Swim, water, diving, swimming costume, red, woman, figure, goggles, palm trees, fantasy, dream. cats, cat island, statue, flowers paradise, drinks pool, blue, deep end, steps, sky, sun, suntan.

Keywords: Design, Digital, Vector, Adventure, Holidays, Leisure

© Liz Lewis

Hare & Tortoise story app

Hare & Tortoise illustrations for The Story Mouse App App, story, children, kids, hare, rabbit, tortoise, badger, squirrel, tree, willow, river, grass, laugh, run, fast, play, zooom.

Keywords: Cartoon, Vector, Humor, Animals, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Education, Game

© Liz Lewis

Little Red Hen children's story

Illustration from The Little Red Hen, a classic children's story for The Story Mouse App, Red hen, kitchen, bake, cook, food, cooker, cooking, sink, plug, towel, baking, eating, smell, Mum, catering, kids, children, story.

Keywords: Design, Digital, Animals, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Product

© Liz Lewis

Three Little Pigs children's story

Commission to illustrate the Three Little Pigs for The Story Mouse children's story App, Story, app, tale, pigs, kids, children, bathroom, waiting, impatient, shower, brothers, family, comic, silly, fun, laughing, waiting.

Keywords: Cartoon, Design, Digital, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products

© Liz Lewis

Liz Lewis


I am a freelance artist and illustrator based in London. I specialise in illustration, graphic design, motion graphics, video making and editing. I was a graduate of London Guildhall University, specialising in jewellery design before branching out into film, animation and digital media with further study in these fields. I am the co-founder of The Clerkenwell Film and Video Festival and I have directed and edited videos for Acid Jazz and have illustrated numerous children's stories for The Story Mouse apps.


Cartoon, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Line with Color, Stylized, Vector, Apps/Mobile


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Celebrities, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Education, Family, Food, Historical, Holidays, Leisure, Maps, Music, People, Portrait, Product, Web Design, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Youth, Game