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School Room

alphabet rocking horse toy girl child swallow class youth play

Keywords: Black & White, Engraving, Texture, Woodcut, Children, Education

© Jonathan Ashworth

Keywords: Engraving, Technical, Woodcut, Youth, Environmental

© Jonathan Ashworth

Berry Tart

recipe, cake, dessert, cooking, hands, instructions

Keywords: Black & White, Line, Texture, Woodcut, Food, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro

© Jonathan Ashworth

Tree Climbing

children, friends, branches, play, printmaking, line

Keywords: Engraving, Line, Stylized, Woodcut, Adventure, Children, Family, People, Youth

© Jonathan Ashworth


bakery, bread, baker, cakes, pastries, London east,

Keywords: Black & White, Line, Stylized, Woodcut, People, Food/Beverage

© Jonathan Ashworth


jacket, line, mark making, button, profile, portrait

Keywords: Black & White, Graphic, Stylized, Woodcut, Portrait, Vintage / Retro, Masculine

© Jonathan Ashworth


playtime, play, recess, bunting, friends, relaxing,

Keywords: Black & White, Stylized, Woodcut, Children, Family, Leisure, People, Vintage / Retro

© Jonathan Ashworth

Jonathan Ashworth

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Jonathan Ashworth is a graduate from Edinburgh College of Art and the RCA. He has always been interested in drawing, in making careful observations of the world as well as imagined scenarios drawn from the minds eye. His imagery seeks to reflect his all encompassing passion for life; capturing the poignancy of human interaction, the beauty of the natural landscape as well as that of the city. Jonathan pays homage to the great printmakers of the past to produce deceptively simple designs that hold resonance for life in the 21st century.


Black & White, Engraving, Graphic, Line, Stylized, Technical, Texture, Woodcut


Adventure, Children, Education, Family, Food, Leisure, People, Portrait, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Masculine, Youth, Environmental