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from See Inside Paris; Usborne Books

© Peter Allen

Meg the Mystic Mosquito

from Anorak magazine: The Future issue. Meg is a fortune-telling mosquito from the east end of London. crop from 1 of 3 spreads.

© Peter Allen

On The River

from See Inside London; Usborne Books

© Peter Allen


website/splash image/travel company

© Peter Allen

On The road


© Peter Allen

The Amazon

from See Inside Planet Earth; Usborne Books

© Peter Allen


web/splash image/travel company

© Peter Allen


for Management Today magazine, print and online editions. how will companies cope in the future with delivering goods that are increasingly being bought online? drones, couriers, delivery points, new technology, logistics.

© Peter Allen

Peter Allen


lives : Lorraine, france works : freelance likes : books, birds, bikes, bouldering and building dry-stone walls Clients : Usborne / Nickleodeon / Bloomsbury / Black Dog & Leventhal / Macmillans / The Guardian / Egmont / Larousse / Fleurus / Seuil / Nathan / IKEA / Management Today


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