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Lizzie Windelinckx

illustration of Mr Marmalade a thoughtful, slightly moody cat.
illustration of 'Tan Tights' lady, it will come to us all.
illustration of Cupcake Hat. Sausage Dog, who wears cakes as hats.
illustration of Pattern Cake. Yummy to the eyes and tummy.
illustration of Pirate,ahoy there matey.
illustration of Trainer Feet, walkies?
illustration of Playground Wave. Have a good day.
illustration of Bunny magic. Ta-da
illustration of Just checking. George checks up on Pickle.
illustration of IVF & ICSI. A illustrated experience.


Hello I'm Lizzie Windelinckx, aka, " Giddy pup". I studied textiles many moons ago. I now find myself drawing on a computer tablet, creating textured images and characters on screen, ceramics and paper. I love creating, thinking and doing.


Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Line with Color, Painterly, Decorative, Floral


Humor, Animals, Book Covers, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Education, Family, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Information Graphics, Licensing, Medical, Packaging, People, Portrait, Textiles, Toys & Games, Lifestyle, Branding, Surface Design