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Beans the Beagle

Beans the Beagle captured in watercolour, ink and colour pencil.

Keywords: Colored Pencil, Fine Art, Line with Color, Painterly, Watercolor, Motion, Animals, Nature, Wildlife, Lifestyle

© Laura McKendry

Flamingos in Palm Leaves

Three flamingos hiding in palm leaves. Watercolour, coloured pencil and ink.

Keywords: Colored Pencil, Painterly, Watercolor, Floral, Animals, Botanical, Landscape, Nature, Wildlife, Environmental

© Laura McKendry

Lemons on a Blue Plate

Waterolour and colour pencil drawing of Spanish lemons on a blue plate. Drawn in Cadiz, Spain.

Keywords: Colored Pencil, Fine Art, Painterly, Watercolor, Decorative, Botanical, Food, Still Life, Travel, Lifestyle

© Laura McKendry

Goose & Bauble

Christmas pen and ink drawing of a goose wearing a festive jumper. Licensed by Museums & Galleries A/W 2015, and turned into gift wrap exclusively for Waterstones in the same year.

Keywords: Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Decorative, Whimsical, Animals, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Licensing, Wildlife

© Laura McKendry

Tropical birds

A composite of tropical birds depicted in watercolour, ink and colour pencil.

Keywords: Colored Pencil, Painterly, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Animals, Botanical, Nature, Wildlife, Environmental

© Laura McKendry

Leaping Fawn

A leaping fawn designed for a series commissioned by Card Mix Ltd in 2015.

Keywords: Colored Pencil, Line with Color, Watercolor, Floral, Pattern, Animals, Greeting Cards, Nature, Wildlife, Feminine

© Laura McKendry

Halloween Bats

Playful Halloween bats flying across a glowing moon. Watercolour, ink and colour pencil.

Keywords: Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Animals, Fantasy, Holidays, Mystery, Nature, Science, Wildlife, Environmental

© Laura McKendry

Brown Hen

A feathery brown chicken in watercolour, pastel and colour pencil. Licensed by Sainsburys onto a mug in 2015.

Keywords: Colored Pencil, Fine Art, Painterly, Pastel, Watercolor, Animals, Nature, Wildlife, Agriculture, Environmental

© Laura McKendry

English Garden Birds

A composite of common English garden birds created in pen, ink, watercolour and colour pencil

Keywords: Colored Pencil, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Animals, Landscape, Nature, Travel, Wildlife, Environmental

© Laura McKendry

Dalmatian with Wagging Tail

A delightful dalmatian captured using a stick and black ink. Licensed onto canvas by Whistlefish Galleries in 2015.

Keywords: Black & White, Line, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Motion, Action, Animals, Licensing, Nature, Wildlife

© Laura McKendry

Laura McKendry


Laura McKendry is a London-based illustrator specialising in drawing animals. Laura is fascinated by our relationship with the animal kingdom – how we are entertained, comforted, enchanted, amused by these critters, how they enrich our lives. Her drawings, created in a combination of ink, charcoal, watercolour and pencil, pay tribute to the role of our furry, feathered, scaly friends. With in her distinctive, playful style, Laura captures the individual mannerisms and quirks of animals in bespoke commissions, greeting cards, merchandise, and limited and open edition prints. She is also available for editorial work and is always interested in being contacted about opportunities for collaboration. Laura’s images are licensed by Yellow House Art Licensing. Clients include Card Mix, Darling Dog Company, Museums & Galleries, Noel Tatt, Profile Books, Sainsburys, Synchronicity Earth, Waterstones and Whistlefish Galleries.


Black & White, Colored Pencil, Fine Art, Line, Line with Color, Painterly, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Motion


Action, Animals, Botanical, Fantasy, Food, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Landscape, Licensing, Mystery, Nature, Science, Still Life, Travel, Wildlife, Agriculture, Lifestyle, Feminine, Environmental