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The Dream

This piece was created for a show called Dreamlands at Corey Helford Gallery in LA. Each artist was asked to created a piece depicting their own personal dreamland.

© Mab Graves

Snow White in the Black Forest

This piece was inspired by fairy tales and the dark edge they have beneath the underlying surface of safety and fantasy.

© Mab Graves

To See a World in a Grain of Sand

This piece was created for an exhibit with Warholian and Modern Eden Gallery about space and the worlds beyond. The painting was inspired by William Blake's poem: "To See a World in a grain of sand/And Heaven in a wild flower/Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand/And Eternity in an hour."

© Mab Graves

The Entomologists Daughter

This piece depicts woodland fairy tale about a little girl whose father has a passionate obsession for insects and all thing entomological.

© Mab Graves

Blue and the Brontosaur

This is a piece from a series of mine called "The Runaways" - a story told in pictures of the neverland children escape to when they run away.

© Mab Graves


This is a painting of a little girl who is tougher than all the boys. It was created as a custom Skate Deck for the company ArtDeckCo.

© Mab Graves

The Candy Hair Club

Retro girls in rainbow retro hair ^_^ The Mod era is a fashion passion for me. This piece was created for a show called "Spectrum" with Auguste Clown Gallery in Melbourne.

© Mab Graves


This was the poster piece for a series of mine titled "Candyland" - a representation of my own all-female cast of Candy characters and candy landscapes in the fantasy world of sweets.

© Mab Graves

Worf - Klingon Crush

There is not enough Star Trek Klingon fine art. It breaks my heart, but I do what I can to help balance out this injustice in the universe.

© Mab Graves

Caturn Attack!

A pink-haired Astro Girl blasting the invaders with her ray gun on the moon muffin mining colony of Caturn.

© Mab Graves

Elphaba and the Flying Monkeys

This piece was created for an Oz tribute show. This piece depicts Elphaba in a nod to the "Virgin Mary with Angels" by William-Adolphe Bouguereau - surrounded by her adoring fleet of flying monkeys.

© Mab Graves

The Forest

A fantasy fairy tale procession through a dark forest.

© Mab Graves

The Wanderlings

This piece was created for an exhibit inspired by travel, new places, fabulous adventures and exploring.

© Mab Graves

The Cheshire Cat

This piece was created for my "Alice in Wonderland" series. The cheshire cat in a sea of floating pearls [of wisdom].

© Mab Graves

The Ferris Wheel

This piece was a commission from a private collector as a continuation of a series I created in 2010 called "The Adventures of Harlow, The Raven King and Several Possums".

© Mab Graves

A Stormcloud of Jellyfish

This piece was created for a series of mine called "The Runaways". This painting follows the adventures of the main character Emilla as she travels through a forest of Jellyfish trying to find the key to her clock.

© Mab Graves


A little adventurer on her wooden horse come to life.

© Mab Graves

The Three Graces

This piece was created for an exhibit inspired by Mythology. The Three Graces are of special significance to me as I have three sisters - who were my muses for this piece.

© Mab Graves

The Runaways

The best and most efficient way to travel in these times - as we all know - is of course by Dachshund.

© Mab Graves

Alice in the Sea of Tears

This piece was created for an "Alice in Wonderland" series I painted - depicting Alice swimming in the Sea of Tears as she meets the surly mouse who does NOT want to talk of cats.

© Mab Graves

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Mab Graves


Mab Graves is a Contemporary Pop-Surrealist artist and illustrator living and painting in a converted 1800’s tavern in a small corner of the dusty American Midwest. Her work is inspired deeply by fairy tales and old classic literature. A self-taught artist, Mab’s work has been shown is galleries both nationally and internationally. Her work has been sold in more than 56 countries. Mab’s art has appeared in many print articles in books and magazines and in 2013 she published her first book of paper dolls with Dover Publishing.


Acrylic, Design, Fine Art, Logo Design, Oil, Stylized, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, Anime


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Editorial, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Futuristic, Icons, Maps, Mural, Music, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Romance, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth, Game, Environmental, Urban, Branding