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Thelonius Monk

Thelonius Monk was the first in my jazz series and still remains a favorite.

Keywords: Conceptual, Design, Stylized, Decorative, Vector, Book Covers, Leisure, Music, People, Portrait

© Garth Glazier

Rockin on the Riverfront Concert Series

I got a chance to design and illustrate the poster for the 2016 GM REN CEN Rockin on the Riverfront Concert Series-thanks to Gary Short for putting them in touch with me this winter. They are selling copies of the poster at the venue. Its not often I get to design the concept as well as illustrate. Kenneth Stock art directed and designed the type.

Keywords: Conceptual, Digital, Graphic, Stylized, Decorative, Vector, Holidays, Music, Posters, Branding


FIBER WARS: db Magazine

I completed a spread illustration for dbusiness magazine's April issue which just came to this week. It was a cool concept based on the second TRON movie and features some Star Wars style type. I replaced the cycles with cars because it is Detroit after all.

Keywords: Digital, Stylized, Decorative, Editorial, Information Graphics, Landscape, Political, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Technology

© Garth Glazier


© Garth Glazier


© Garth Glazier


© Garth Glazier

JEEP Cherokee Cover Illustration

Garth Glazier JEEP Cherokee Cover Illustration

Keywords: Digital, Pen & Ink, Scratchboard, Corporate, Icons, Landscape, Leisure, Maps, Transportation, Lifestyle


RAM TRUCK: America's Best Full Size

America's Best Full Size Trucks These are concepts for the automotive industry utilizing metal textures to create a gritty industrial manufacturing look for the RAM Brand. The ultimate usage was as logos and large scale graphics.

Keywords: Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Logo Design, Photoillustration, Texture, Corporate, Icons, Information Graphics, Transportation

© Garth Glazier

RAM TRUCK: Road to Glory

Concepts for Road to Glory These are concepts for the automotive industry utilizing metal textures to create a gritty industrial manufacturing look for the RAM Brand. The ultimate usage was as logos and large scale graphics.

Keywords: Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Logo Design, Photoillustration, Special Effects, Icons, Information Graphics, Packaging, Transportation

© Garth Glazier

Ella Fitzgerald Jazz Portrait

Ella was a great subject for this style of vector illustration and was featured on the Lincoln Center website

Keywords: Design, Stylized, Film/Entertainment, Vector, Book Covers, Leisure, Music, People, Lifestyle, Ethnic

© Garth Glazier

Across Inland Seas

I created a series of tiny thumbnail sketches for a series of Michigan Travel Posters titled "Across Inland Seas" about 5 years ago. I save everything. I looked at the scans of the thumbnail sketches again recently and decided to take several ideas to finish.

Keywords: Conceptual, Digital, Stylized, Decorative, Family, Transportation, Travel, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro

© Garth Glazier

Starbucks Coffee-in-Cocoa

I was was commissioned in 2015 to create a retro style rocket man in the style of "The Rocketeer" for Starbucks new Coffee-in-Cocoa brand.

Keywords: Digital, Logo Design, Silhouette, Interactive, Vector, Holidays, Packaging, Product, Food/Beverage, Branding

© Garth Glazier


This is the next in my series of Michigan travel posters. The original concept was Rise Detroit but that ideas was already taken by an awesome foundation that raised money for Detroit area causes. So I renamed it Deco Detroit since it features the famous indian freeze on the side of the Penobscot Building.

Keywords: Conceptual, Design, Graphic, Decorative, Book Covers, Posters, Transportation, Travel, Americana, Vintage / Retro

© Garth Glazier

Vintage Gas Station

This was a self promotional illustration built on the concept of an old style full service gas station from the 1940s and styled after road maps of the period.

Keywords: Design, Vector, Adventure, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Landscape, People, Product, Travel, Vintage / Retro

© Garth Glazier

Gas Station Art Promotion

The is a fold out page for my vintage 1940s style Gas Station promotion project.

Keywords: Design, Figurative, Graphic, Decorative, People, Product, Transportation, Travel, Americana, Vintage / Retro

© Garth Glazier

Miami Nights

Miami Nights is full fledge painting that inaugurated my mature style.

Keywords: Conceptual, Design, Montage, Stylized, Greeting Cards, Leisure, Transportation, Travel, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro

© Garth Glazier

Raging Bull Vector Movie Portrait

This Raging Bull Vector Movie Portrait was created as a self promotional work.

Keywords: Concept Art, Vector, Action, Adventure, Celebrities, Comic Book, People, Portrait, Masculine, Game

© Garth Glazier

Fitness and Health illustration

A Fitness and Health illustration for magazine editorial.


© Garth Glazier

Ford Motor Web Icons

Ford Motor Web Icons were commissioned by Ford Motor Company to be used on mobile devices and websites guiding customers to services and products.

Keywords: Digital, Logo Design, Interactive, Computers, Corporate, Icons, Product, Transportation, Web Illustration, Financial

© Garth Glazier

Lyrica Icons Drug Advertisement

I was commissioned to create icons representing Lyrica's capabilities.

Keywords: Design, Graphic, Logo Design, Stylized, Decorative, Vector, Health, Icons, Medical, Science

© Garth Glazier

Bill Pay Web Art

This beach scene is a digital vector illustration created for Bill Pay to promote their new online banking app.

Keywords: Stylized, Decorative, Vector, Corporate, Leisure, People, Web Illustration, Lifestyle, Financial, Branding

© Garth Glazier

Agent 47 Game Art

Agent 47 was a commissioned illustration for the release of the updated game and was used as a T-shirt and poster promotion.

Keywords: Design, Digital, Concept Art, Silk Prints, Vector, Action, Comic Book, Licensing, Sci-Fi, Toys & Games

© Garth Glazier

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

This was a full page illustration in Johns Hopkins magazine for an article on how well doctors maintain their own health.

Keywords: Design, Digital, Graphic, Decorative, Vector, Editorial, Family, Medical, Science, Lifestyle

© Garth Glazier

Dizzy Gillespie

Part of my jazz series, this was an interesting switch in style. Dizzy's face is more angular than Ella Fitzgerald's and the light broke across the skin in a broken pattern. The effect is a bit more impressionistic.

Keywords: Conceptual, Design, Digital, Silhouette, Vector, Celebrities, Editorial, Music, Ethnic

© Garth Glazier

John Coltrane Jazz

This is part of a series of 20 portraits of music stars in a graphic style. I am engaging in a bit of reductivism, finding more minimalist ways to portray the subject here. Jazz suggests a more abstract approach, especially Coltrane's music causing me to limit my color palette and reduce the forms to geometric shapes.

Keywords: Abstract, Digital, Graphic, Decorative, Vector, Celebrities, Music, People, Portrait, Vintage / Retro

© Garth Glazier

Celebrity Hotels Clearwater Illustration

This illustration was the second in a series of 5 advertisements for Celebrity Hotels.

Keywords: Design, Digital, Gouache, Graphic, Watercolor, Holidays, Leisure, People, Travel, Lifestyle

© Garth Glazier

Celebrity Hotels Poconos

Celebrity Hotels commmissioned me to create a series of illustrtations in the style of vintage travel postcards and posters. The Poconos is the location of one of their hotels.

Keywords: Digital, Gouache, Stylized, Watercolor, Corporate, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Travel, Branding

© Garth Glazier

ABA in LA Magazine Cover

The commissioned art for the ABA in LA Magazine Cover was created in gouache and enhanced in Photoshop.

Keywords: Airbrush, Design, Gouache, Stylized, Watercolor, Editorial, Landscape, Travel, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro

© Garth Glazier

The Morning Rooster Video Game Art

The illustration is part of my series for game covers.

Keywords: Digital, Concept Art, Animals, Children, Children's Books, Comic Book, Editorial, Education, Landscape, Game

© Garth Glazier

The Happy Cow Landscape art

The Happy Cow is part of my retro style poster series of highly detailed digital paintings created for video game covers.

Keywords: Decorative, Concept Art, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Children's Books, Children's Products, Mural, Toys & Games, Agriculture

© Garth Glazier

The Pioneers Retro Illustration

The Pioneers was a promotional illustration created as a cover for the video game industry.

Keywords: Digital, Stylized, Concept Art, Adventure, Children's Books, Editorial, Industrial, Landscape, Toys & Games, Americana

© Garth Glazier

Squid Kringle

Every year when I thought about doing a christmas card it seemed there never was enough time to get it done. This year I made time. I wanted to do something different like showing Santa Claus underwater with sea creatures and a pirate flag. Guess I have been watching too much Pirates of the Caribbean.

Keywords: Caricature, Digital, Whimsical, Humor, Character Development, Children's Books, Fantasy, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Toys & Games

© Garth Glazier

ONSTAR Human Diagnostic

ONSTAR-Human-Diagnostic was a commissioned illustration for General Motors that used the human body as a metaphor for OnStar's capabilities.

Keywords: Figurative, Gouache, Line, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Corporate, Medical, Technology, Transportation

© Garth Glazier

Travel Montage

Travel Montage was a commissioned project for Chevrolet.

Keywords: Conceptual, Design, Gouache, Montage, Stylized, Decorative, Landscape, Leisure, Travel, Vintage / Retro

© Garth Glazier

Jeep Wrangler Logo

This Jeep Wrangler Logo was commissioned for the Wrangler Mountain Guild.

Keywords: Design, Digital, Logo Design, Decorative, Vector, Icons, Leisure, Transportation, Lifestyle, Branding

© Garth Glazier


Star Trek Amok Time is a poster concept I created as a marketable print.

Keywords: Design, Digital, Figurative, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, Vector, Adventure, Fantasy, Licensing, Sci-Fi

© Garth Glazier

Lupe Fiasco Album Cover

This Lupe Fiasco Album Cover is part of a series of concept works using type and design to create graphic flat color portraits of music stars.

Keywords: Caricature, Design, Figurative, Graphic, Decorative, Celebrities, Music, People, Portrait, Branding

© Garth Glazier

John Mayer Album Cover

John Mayer was a natural subject and resulted in a portrait with a easy going feel.

Keywords: Design, Figurative, Graphic, Vector, Celebrities, Leisure, Music, People, Portrait, Lifestyle

© Garth Glazier

Miller Beer SABERS Hockey Poster

This was a commissioned Point of Purchase project for Miller Beer.

Keywords: Design, Figurative, Decorative, Film/Entertainment, Vector, Celebrities, Music, People, Portrait

© Garth Glazier

Honor Bound Theater Poster

This was a commissioned illustrated poster for the play Honor Bound. The goal was to create a painterly glowing environment that evoked a sense of memory.

Keywords: Conceptual, Figurative, Painterly, Film/Entertainment, Children's Books, Editorial, People, Posters, Spiritual

© Garth Glazier

Hermione Granger Harry Potter Illustration

Hermione Granger was a great subject for a painterly illustration. The mood was meant to be dark and magical with a ray of hop represented by the doves.

Keywords: Digital, Figurative, Painterly, Special Effects, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, Action, Children's Books, People, Toys & Games

© Garth Glazier

Ron Weasley Illustration for Harry Potter

This Ron Weasley Illustration for Harry Potter was an experiment in creating the traditional look of an oil painting in a digital environment.

Keywords: Digital, Figurative, Painterly, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, Adventure, Editorial, Fantasy, Mystery, Portrait

© Garth Glazier

Harry Potter Montage

This painterly montage was a concept work in which I developed a looser more intuitive style.

Keywords: Digital, Montage, Painterly, Stylized, Film/Entertainment, Book Covers, Children, Licensing, People, Posters

© Garth Glazier

Amelia Cranbrook

This was personal portrait.

Keywords: Digital, Fine Art, Painterly, Book Covers, Children's Books, Family, Fantasy, Landscape, Portrait

© Garth Glazier

Coneflower Botanical Graphic

Another in my series of botanical graphics.

Keywords: Conceptual, Design, Botanical, Greeting Cards, Licensing, Posters, Science, Still Life, Agriculture, Feminine

© Garth Glazier

Queen Ann's Lace Botanical

I am creating a series of posters and print patterns for fabric using common invasive weeds & wildflowers by illustrating their inherent beauty. Also known as Wild Carrot, the root is edible when young. Queen Anne's Lace is considered a beneficial plant in pastures helping to aid digestion of horses and cows.

Keywords: Abstract, Design, Graphic, Floral, Vector, Food, Health, Medical, Nature, Wildlife

© Garth Glazier

Clover Botanical

The botanical illustrations in this series feature common wildflowers that have medicinal uses and other beneficial value as food or for agriculture. Number seven in my series of graphics of beneficial invasive species. Trifolium repens or common white clover is planted by farmers to restore nitrogen to fields.

Keywords: Graphic, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Vector, Health, Landscape, Agriculture, Vintage / Retro, Feminine

© Garth Glazier

Inception Poster Design

This Inception Poster Design was created as a demonstration piece showing concept development for a film based on symbolism.

Keywords: Abstract, Design, Decorative, Action, Adventure, Book Covers, Comic Book, Editorial, Fantasy, Game

© Garth Glazier

Hawkeye Concept for Marvel Comics

This illustration is a concept created to promote my work as in interpreting characters.

Keywords: Design, Concept Art, Vector, Action, Adventure, Children, Comic Book, Licensing, People, Branding

© Garth Glazier

Johns Hopkins 2014 Employee Appreciation Poster

This was a commissioned digital painting celebrating employee diversity at Johns Hopkins Health System.

Keywords: Digital, Figurative, Painterly, Photoillustration, Annual Report, Corporate, Education, Landscape, Medical, People

© Garth Glazier

The Lady Magazine Cover Illustration

A fun recent project. I was commissioned to create a vintage illustration with a 1950s look for The Lady magazine England's longest running weekly magazine for women.

Keywords: Digital, Painterly, Concept Art, Book Covers, Editorial, Family, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine

© The Lady Magazine

Crain's Business Cover

I was commissioned to do a portrait of Obama and Romney for Crain's Business Cover in October 2012.

Keywords: Digital, Graphic, Decorative, Vector, Book Covers, Corporate, Editorial, People, Political, Financial

© Garth Glazier

Buddy Holly Caricature

Buddy Holly is part of my caricatures of Legendary American Entertainers series. A Fresh Take on the Art of the Portrait

Keywords: Caricature, Digital, Graphic, Film/Entertainment, Vector, Humor, Celebrities, Music, Americana

© Garth Glazier

Fiat Brand Poster

This was a commissioned illustration for a box cover.

Keywords: Digital, Graphic, Interactive, Action, Children, Children's Products, Packaging, Product, Toys & Games, Transportation

© Garth Glazier

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