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Wheels of fortune

A cover illustration for Professional Engineer Magazine. An innovative graphic and striking, engineering line drawing used as cover art See more on...

© Paul Weston

Farming highs and lows

A feature illustration for Farmers Weekly Magazine. The years farming industry figures are set into a farming landscape illustration See more on...

© Paul Weston

Armoured repeater

A New Electronics Magazine cover illustration. Features a cable laying ship in a seascape dropping armoured repeaters into the deep ocean See more on...

© Paul Weston

Intermodal communications

A New Electronics Magazine cover illustration gives readers a sense of intermodal communications See more on...

© Paul Weston

Road projects infographic

An infographic feature for NCE Magazine, communicates UK Government road project statistics See more on...

© Paul Weston

Formul-E circuit guides

Circuit guides for Formula-E racing series. The brand new all electric motor racing series. Paul provided illustrated city maps for each circuit See more on...

© Paul Weston

Olympic torch route map

An illustrated route map for the Olympic Torch prior to the London Olympics. The literal route sits in a stylized map of the United Kingdom. Flaming difficult to make it work! See more on...

© Paul Weston

Nanopatch medical innovation

A medical innovation explainer this nanopatch illustration shows a new way of delivering medicine via the skins surface See more on...

© Paul Weston

Newcastle's industrial resurgence

A cover illustration for Eureka Magazine, this illustration highlights the new industries which now invigorate Newcastle's industrial economy See more on...

© Paul Weston

Nuclear clean up

A feature illustration for Professional Engineer Magazine, this piece helps the reader understand the magnitude and problems of a nuclear clean that is deep underground See more on...

© Paul Weston

Paul Weston


Paul Weston is part of the Genius & Me design studio, communicating big ideas through technical and creative design. Our award winning visuals have informed and educated millions of people around the world, from United States courtrooms to your nursery bookshelves. We take time to understand the complexity of your knowledge, and will simplify the content with clever creative concepts and images that are clear, concise and a pleasure to view. Our professional approach gives you confidence that your message will be understood by your customer, whoever or wherever they are. Find out more...


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