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Tattooed Lady Side Profile 2

Woman Girl Side Face Snake Mountains Bold Colourful Eyes Blind Fold Sunshine Flowers Petals Hair Watermelon Birds Flying Sunshine House Love Flames Fire Hot

© Ricardo Cavolo

Tropical Girl

Fruit Tropics Lady Woman Bird Paradise Parrot Flower Petal Leaves Plants Pineapple Watermelon Cat Sun Bananas Orange Palm Tree Colourful Bold

© Ricardo Cavolo


Old School Tattoo Light House Ship Swallow Love Anchor Horse Shoe Sailor Flower Rose Boxer Skull Wolf Letter Dagger Girls Snake Tiger Spider Boot Texas Colourful Bold

© Ricardo Cavolo

Tattooed Man Side Profile

Bold Colourful Tattoo Budapest Eyes Fire Flames Skull Owl Heart Love Candle Flower Rose Castle Sky

© Ricardo Cavolo

Band of Horses Concert Poster

Group Musical Gig Horses Eyes Old School Tattoo Bilbao Flower Night Sky Star Wish Roses Flames

© Ricardo Cavolo

Tattooed Lady Side Profile

Woman Girl Bird Sailor Puppy Dog Poodle Chicken Heart Love Leaves Skull Mushroom Eye Dagger Sword Horse Flower Money Swallow Spider Web Stars Bold Colourful

© Ricardo Cavolo

Blue and Red Room Mural

Octopus Super Hero Mountains Eyes Heart Love Pattern Design Large Scale Big Painting Painted Dragon

© Ricardo Cavolo

Tarot Card Designs

Queen King Saints Deity Future Reading Ram Tiger Fox Wheel Justice Bold Colourful Devil Skeleton Rainbow Hangman Lion Dragon Bird Drinking Elephant Reading Crazy Knowledge

© Ricardo Cavolo

Dragon Slaying Knight Fairy Tale

Bold Colourful Riding Horse Dragon Monster Princess Crown King Mountain Castle Flames Fire Sword Fighting Sun Shine Girl Woman Rapunzel Heart Break

© Ricardo Cavolo

Sam Moonrise Kingdom Portrait Wes Anderson

Flames Glasses Moon Castle Boy Scout Badges Bold Colourful Compass Living Outdoors Camping

© Ricardo Cavolo

Suzy Moonrise Kingdom Portrait Wes Anderson

Bold Colourful Moon Crown Flames Bugs Beetles Insects Fire Books Reading Red Head Hair Looking Observing Girl Scout Love Story

© Ricardo Cavolo

Portrait of a Male Amazonian

Tribal Tattoo Tribe Life Amazon Rainforest Leopard Hat Bold Colourful

© Ricardo Cavolo

101 Artists Listen to Before You Die Johnny Cash

Nobrow Press Musician Frame Broken Bones Married Wedding Band Thunder Storm Clouds Mountains Drugs Pills Bold Colourful

© Ricardo Cavolo

Yorokobu Slow Reading Short Story Illustration

Tattooed Dad Father Child Son Sailor Adventurer Ocean Sea Ship Sail Boat Love Family Bold Colourful

© Ricardo Cavolo

Portrait Tattooed Jesus

Old School Tattooing Flames Fire Burning Thunder Storm Eyes Love Respect Castle Bold Colourful

© Ricardo Cavolo

Without Fear Male Portrait

Burning Candle Heart Love Women Crying Star Crown Owl Face Tattoo Doctor Medical No Fear Eyes Letter Moustache Bold Colourful

© Ricardo Cavolo

Portrait of a Girl from Varanasi

Child Hindu Alisha Tattoo Face Story Narrative Bold Colourful Gods

© Ricardo Cavolo

Bat Man Portrait

Man Male Guy Bat Fruit Pear Orange Citrus Eating Night Sky Grapes Mountain Face Hills Eyes Flying Wings Flames Fire

© Ricardo Cavolo

Moth Woman Portrait

Moth Woman Candle Eyes Night Time Dusk Sky Door Flowers Plants Leaves Fire Flames Laundry Sweater Doorway Soul Symbolism Bold Colourful

© Ricardo Cavolo

Adventure Time Editorial Illustration

Kids TV Television Show Cartoon Network Alternative Weird Finn Jake Sword Princess Vampire Lemon Ice King Symbolism Bold Colourful

© Ricardo Cavolo

101 Artists Listen to Before You Die Kanye West

Symbolism Portrait Male Artist Musician Designer Book Illustration Ocean King Sunshine Crown Framed Flames Fire

© Ricardo Cavolo

Tattooed Hand

Ring Hand Male Masculine Flower Rose Heart Love Moon Phase Roots Drink Alcohol Eye Volcano Sun Sky Symbolism Bold Colourful

© Ricardo Cavolo

Amazonian Leopard Man

Sun Rain Cloud Parrot King Fisher Humming Bird Flames Fire Flower Tree Plant Rainforest Symbolism Colourful Bold Face Masculine Male

© Ricardo Cavolo

Portrait of the Artist Michi

Paint Brush Man Male Guy Beard Long Hair Face Sun Cloud Apple Deer Eyes Pencil Artist Illustrator Guitar Forest Music Mountains Fire Log Wood Saw Clown Devil Heart Love Outdoors Symbolism Bold Colourful

© Ricardo Cavolo

Tattooed Man Upper Body

Chest Tattoo Man Guy Male Dude Detail Symbolism Bold Colourful

© Ricardo Cavolo

Tattooed Man Side Profile 2

Fox Money Bold Colourful Tattoo Budapest Eyes Fire Flames Skull Owl Heart Love Candle Flower Rose Castle Sky Male Man Guy Face Religion Justice Faith Belief Death Heart Love Criminal Stealing Theft Skull Gravestone Prison Violence Blood Knife Butterfly

© Ricardo Cavolo

Moscow Mural

Building Large Scale Bold Colourful Symbolism Mountains Urban Art Street Graffiti Love Flowers Daisy Heart Tulips Sun Shine Bear Eyes Face Sky

© Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo

Represented by

Central Illustration
17b Perseverance Works
38 Kingsland Road
London, E2 8DD
United Kingdom


Ricardo is a Spanish artist who now resides in the cultural mecca of Brighton. His folky hand drawn illustrations evoke days of doodling on the back of school textbooks, featuring traditional and iconic characters brought into the modern world with tattoos and achingly hip facial hair.


Acrylic, Digital, Figurative, Gouache, Graphic, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Decorative, Floral, Whimsical, Installations, Film/Entertainment


Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Editorial, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Historical, Icons, Medical, Mural, Music, Mystery, People, Portrait, Posters, Product, Religious, Toys & Games, Travel, Wildlife, Americana, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Ethnic, Edgy, Urban, Surface Design