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Animals in a tree

A children's picture book whimsical scene of animals in a tre

© Gabriela Larios

Patterned Snake

A snake whose skin is a pattern inspired in cacti on sand dunes

© Gabriela Larios

Patterned Tortoise

A tortoise with a shell inspired in organic and abstract shapes and forms

© Gabriela Larios

Paisleys Pattern

A paisleys painterly and colorful pattern for licensing

© Gabriela Larios

Flamingos pattern

A summery flamingos pattern for textiles and licensing

© Gabriela Larios

Hot peppers & casseroles

Peppers and casseroles pattern for licensing and kitchen ware

© Gabriela Larios

Giraffe and butterflies

A magical and whimsical scene of a giraffe, butterflies and insects

© Gabriela Larios

Edwardian Bugs

Painterly bugs pattern

© Gabriela Larios

Donkey Children's Book Cover

Children's book cover inspired in classic tale The Three Billy Goats Gruff

© Gabriela Larios

Whimsical Wildlife Scene

A whimsical children's picture book wildlife scene

© Gabriela Larios

Gabriela Larios


I am a London based illustrator and textile pattern designer, I obtained a MA from Camberwell College of Arts in 2007 thanks to an Alban Scholarship. I create designs and illustrations for children's picture books and garments, homeware, fabric, furniture, fashion accessories, stationery and ceramics. My creative world derives from my passion in storytelling, the natural world and patterns. There is a naive and playful spirit captured in my designs and a strong connection between memories of my childhood in El Salvador and my body of work: tortoises, fishes, plants, flowers and all the colourful creatures and elements found in my art.


Collage, Design, Mixed Media, Painterly, Watercolor, Pattern, Whimsical


Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Food, Greeting Cards, Licensing, Nature, Posters, Textiles, Wildlife, Agriculture, Feminine, Surface Design