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Anna Calvi

female, singer, songwriter, music, solo

Keywords: Black & White, Line, Pencil, Realism, Music, People, Portrait, Feminine

© Virginie Garnier


woman, writer, casual, lifestyle,

Keywords: Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pencil, Watercolor, People, Lifestyle

© Virginie Garnier


girl, hair, flowers, lilies, fashion, flora, Kirsten Dunst

Keywords: Black & White, Pencil, Fashion/Cosmetics, Portrait, Feminine

© Virginie Garnier

Acne Paper

make up, sunglasses, acne paper, purse, writing, magazine, nude, nail polish, hand

Keywords: Pencil, Watercolor, Fashion/Cosmetics, Lifestyle, Feminine

© Virginie Garnier


donut, raven, chocolate, cat, lipstick, plane, tickets, france, travel, mac

Keywords: Pencil, Watercolor, Leisure, Travel, Lifestyle

© Virginie Garnier


Denim, shorts, bum, badges, bruise, bottom, jeans

Keywords: Black & White, Pencil, Vintage / Retro, Edgy, Grunge, Urban

© Virginie Garnier


© Virginie Garnier

Virginie Garnier

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Virginie Garnier is a french illustrator who graduated from L’ école des Beaux Arts in France and studied Photography, and then Fashion at the Royal Academy of Antwerpen, Belgium. Through the years, she has created a signature style with her pencil drawings creating an unusual and erotic universe, filled with a surprising mixed bag of elements; hot chicks, celebrities, animals and unexpected scenes always represented with a delicate hand and a hyper realistic technique. She is currently living and working in Berlin.


Black & White, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pencil, Realism, Watercolor


Fashion/Cosmetics, Leisure, Music, People, Portrait, Travel, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Edgy, Grunge, Urban