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Illustration of a person relaxing with a book, surrounded by plants.

© Carly Allen-Fletcher

Night kite

A father takes his daughters to fly kites

© Carly Allen-Fletcher

War horses

Illustration of horses on the battlefield during the first world war.

© Carly Allen-Fletcher

Mathilde - Bookworms United

A series of illustrations about those who love reading.

© Carly Allen-Fletcher

Scottish food

A plate of Scottish food among heather

© Carly Allen-Fletcher


Character Illustration. Construction worker reading a book on his lunch break high up on a skyscraper in a big city.

© Carly Allen-Fletcher

Compound City

Poster design for an exhibition in London Transport Museum, a portrait of London and the transportation within the city. The theme of the exhibition was 'London Places and Spaces'

© Carly Allen-Fletcher

Grimms' Fairy Tales

Book cover illustration for 'Grimm's Fairy Tales'. 'The tale of Mother Holle'

© Carly Allen-Fletcher


The forest over four seasons

© Carly Allen-Fletcher

© Carly Allen-Fletcher

Carly Allen-Fletcher


An illustrator from the UK, my work is a combination of digital painting and traditional media, creating images by layering graphic shapes with painted textures and hand drawn elements. Website:


Acrylic, Cartoon, Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Impressionistic, Mixed Media, Painterly, Texture, Floral, Pattern


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